Pain in neck/shoulders - is this likely to be caused by parkinsons

I have been suffering with neck/shoulder pain for weeks now and nothing seems to help much. just increased sinemet plus to 187.5 mg, also take rasagilene, rivastigmine, domperidone and citalopram and other medicines. i was diagnosed in march 2011
Yes, common symptom, pain in the neck, affects me badly, hate it, try Solpadeine
hi,im ali and ive been dx for 11 half years ,im 43 years old.before i was dx me gp was givin me quater zone injections for frozern shoulder for a year.then i saw a neuro and was dx, and the pains i was expercing was coming from different reasons related to pd.the normal symtoms for pd is tremor,riderty,poor balance,bad handritin,slowness of movement and stiffness.but if you speak to other sufferers they will tell you alot more things related to pain with parkinsons,from tingling and numbness pain to aching muscles.pain to me feels like i had a bad injury,me tendons or tissue is damaged.poor posture ,nerve pain can be signs to neck and shoulder pains.if you have dystonia the twisting of muscles can become very painful.ridgerty and gait can play its part yes the answer to shoulder and neck pain is related to the pd,it depends were bouts the pain is for wot the gp can do for you.intense phiseo helps me with pain,and a exercise program,and can become tense as well,which you need to try and calm,cus as we all aware being tense causes extra pain.i have massages once a month also and use a warm beany which i heat up in the microwave helaps to.when my off periods come i find more pain is felt,pain can be at its highest.
Hi Pegasus
I've had three lots of steroid injections for shoulder pain which was pd but basically pd effects very muscle so you can be affected anywhere with different pains.
You can have pain side of head which can effect a nerve and give you bells palsey not nice,swollen salva glands,biting tongue,choking when eating,toothache kike pain in fingers,hands,going down arms,numbness in fingers,chest pains left and right,heart fluttering,hips hurting,grilower abdomen,legs,feet and cramps.i know cause i get this lot most days needless to say I do get down alot.just thought I'd ease your mind for the future

My husband has had problems with his neck/shoulers ever since we married 54 years ago nothing helped then he was diagnose Parkinsons at thage of 70 and since he has been taking Sinemet he had been much improved generally not such sloping shoulders .
Cheerful John, thanks for that!!

Hi carolineb211
I am cheerful but I can't show it frozen I think it does help people knowing its Parkinson's that's effecting them and not something else to worry about.didnt mean it to sound down.

thanks everyone foryour replies. I will try solpadeine as i have been taking paracetamol but just realised it shouldn't be taken with domperidone. Do i organise physio through GP or neuro?
hi,im a bit confussed,you say you just relised not to take parcetamol with domperdone.but ive been on domperdone for 3 months now,and i have 8 parcetamol aday in my doset box as well,givern by the gp.who said not to take those two drugs togeather? and why/.and the answer to phiseo,is if you speak with your gp,he can refere you to a phieso ,i hope this helps x:smile:
Hi pegasus
Yes as every one has said you can get various pains some more severe than other's, I take gabapentin,paracetamol,ibuprofen for pain and yes you can take domperidone with paracetamol . yes you can ask your Neurologist or the GP for referral to a Physio If you live in Sheffield there is a Physio interested in PD and she features in the Parkinson's news letter from the local support group. If you do not live in Sheffield see if you have a local PD group PD UK should help you out finding if you have a group in your area and join . Physio does help and hydro pool exercise and aqua arobics helps with easing the joints good luck
hi all. Ali - just read it on the paracetamol leaflet yesterday - will re check info - knowing me i probably got it wrong but i find medication a bit of a mystery lol. now taking 21 tablets a day and have just started getting them in a dosset ? box to help.
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just a simple additional thing (i dont think anyone has mentioned it) if you are using the computer a lot make sure your head is not sticking out like a tortoise but is straight up. heads are very heavy a put a lot of strain on the neck. i know cos i'm doing it myself right now!
thanks turnip - i just caught myself doing that - i told myself off of course.
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just read up in BNF medical book for Dr's and Nurses to check info re paracetamol and domperidone , the paracetamol leaflet states " The following medicines can effect paracetamol" then*metoclopramide and domperidone(treatment for nausea and vomiting). The BNF interaction section under paracetamol states Metoclopramide:rate of absorption of paracetamol increased by metoclopramide , there is no mention of dompridone but as both drugs are prescribed for nausea and vomiting it has been put on to cover the manufactures . I have been taking paracetamol and dompridone for 5yrs with no problems even during my Chemotherapy for breast cancer I was taking double dose of domperidone. If your Dr has prescribed these 2 drugs for you it will not do you harm. I know that my neuro consultant has told me not to take metoclopramide at all but i can not take it any way as i have an allergy to it, I think you will find no parkinson's patient will be prescribed Metocloprimide. Hope this alleys your fears.
thankyou so much mommah for all that info:smile:and pegasus,i used to read the bits of paer in the boxes but all me meds are in dosets boxes now,made up by the chemist,so no papers no more,i relie on the good faith of the gp.:smile:

turnip i never ever thought about me head like that before,but your quite rite,heads are deffo very heavy and could make problems with necks leaning forward doin computer work,thanks for letting us all no this:smile:

i i have 8 parcetmol a day,for pain,it like eatin smarties to me,dunna seem to do nothing,i have 120ml of mst morphine tablets they do the trick along with oramorth liquid.the domperidone meds i have are to help the food go faster through me food pipe,and stomach,as i get clogged up alot,and it helps stop food flowing the rong way back up your food pipe.also have the mebeverineas well,both before i eat anything,ive never felt sick with erm or been sick,may be im one of the lucky ones and missed that side effect:smile::smile:
You are quite right when you talk about using the lap top and posture .. My husband who is the Parkinsonian had his neck shoulder pain when we first married 54 years ago . (no laptops !!then ) I also have stiff painful neck shoulder which also affects my balance . I haven't got Parkinsons but do use a laptop .

Regular neck rolling exercises help both of us .
I use Naproxen, a warm lavender infused wheat cushion, and a stiff G&T