Pain in the aaarrrrrrrrms

Pain in the arms.

I am a 57-year-old male diagnose for two years with pd.

Wondered if anyone else has this issue, I get a pain in my elbow,
a strain in my wrist and an ache in my forearm.... Particularly on the left

These may be caused by events other than PDA
for example I ride a bike and play tennis... What I'm finding is
that the healing process seems to be inhibited by the constant shaking
of my left arm.

If your arm is in spasm for years then it seems to me to be logical that
minor aches and pains are exacerbated and don't get much better.

I went to the physio at the local health centre and got some exercises and tips
but so far not much improvement.

Has anybody else gone through this situation?


Andy – Ojalahey (daft name I know)
Hi there,

I have recently been diagnosed (2 months, age 51) and been to a physio and told exercise is the key. Like you when I ride my bike i get pain in my arm at the elbow but strangely it is the side without the tremor.

Generally speaking i do have pain in my arm/ shoulder but when i exercise that is reduced

It will certainly be interesting to read other peoples views but my physio seemed to indicate it was unrelated to PD but i am not sure. It could be specific to me she said it was tendinitis

all the best

I tend to involuntarily tense the muscles in my right arm (the one with the tremor), particularly when driving, writing or using the computer, but even when just sitting watching TV. After a while the muscles really start to ache and I have to consciously try to relax them.
Diagnosed Aug 2011. Have aches in right arm - have to say I largely ignored it.

However have a personal trainer I have been working with since Oct 11 and have seen huge improvements in balance and stability. Have a 1 to 1 with her once a week and do specific exercises daily for around 1 hour. Thoroughly recommend it!!!
Hi i was dx 12 years ago im 43 years old. I have me arms aching real bad, mucsles cramp up and phiseo told me exercises to do with little weights. I admit it is very tiring at times but i feel it benifits me. For my legs i use the ankle exercise machine for when your sitting down, helps joints and gain with out pain im always telling meself.i wont give in no more.i wont let pd beat me.i feel if you try to get positive anything is possible. Belive me ive gonebthrough poop in me life and when first dx i new nothing about pd.ive resurched so much over the years and still am to this day.we all have bad days more than good ones, but if you have good friends or family around you or carers push your self, do it for them as well as your self.achesbin musles are from fatige which comes with pd im afraid, nothing changes this, popping pills to take pain away im used to dayin day out but im not going to end up in my wheelchair fulltime just yet;fite fite fite and keep fiteingvthis rottern diease dont let it beat you.:smile: