Pain in the thighs Help

I have been diagnosed in the last year . For medication I have 3 25mg Sinemet each day . However my main problem is pain and tightness in the thigh. Whenever I sit down the the thighs go tight and are v painful . My neurologist says it is anxiety and has not offered any medication. Has anyone experienced similar and if so how do they treat it . The thighs tremble also but pain is constant .


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I get very tight muscles in my thighs, but in my case there has never been any suggestion that it is caused by anything other than PD. Ultimately, the only way I’ve got rid of the symptom has been by an increase in my PD medication, but there are a few things that give me relief.

I use a heatpad under my thighs, paracetemol and I also meditate – concentrating on relaxing the muscles. I also do stretching exercises everyday. I find that if I do exercise and stretch out regularly it does reduce my symptoms.

But I think you should talk to one of the PUK advisors about your treatment and whether you need to change neurologists.

Hello @Junction1966 and a warm welcome to the forum community.

I see Jane_L has already provided you with some very useful information and I’m sure some of our other members will be along to provide support and share their experiences soon.

In the meantime we have some information on our website about Pain in Parkinson’s I do hope you find it useful.

I would also like to echo Jane_L’s suggestion of speaking to one of our advisers. Our free helpline is staffed by helpful, trained advisers who can provide information and answer questions on all aspects of life with Parkinson’s. They can also put you in touch with one of our Parkinson’s Specialist nurses. Our helpline is open 9am-7pm Mon-Fri and 9am-2pm Sat (closed Sundays and bank holidays) You can contact us on 0808 800 0303 or at [email protected]

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@Junction1966, welcome to the forum. I can certainly relate to your pain issues, which can be caused by mr parky or due to parky and, (not saying it is I your case), a change in the way we walk and reduced physical exercise. Good advice already given by Jane L & Corrine so not repeating it here, and the could be many reasons why it is happening so do make the call.

I have tried many forms of pain relief and exercise regime’s as well as having my meds altered several times over the last 4 and half years. As we went in to lockdown I took up Jing Qi Shen Gong sessions via zoom. It’s has helped with my balance, coordination and by strenghting my core muscles and it has helped with pain. It is a healing form of Tia Chi and as you start it is a very low impact, but as you progress and if you want to the routine can become more demanding as you extended the depth of the movement and the number of repetitions. But for fullness I will also say that my meds have been increased so I take more Sinemet and Sinemet CR as well. So probably a combination of both. But certainly my balance & posture improvements are because of Jing Qi Shen Gong.

Take care, stay safe and speak with your Parkinsons nurse, if you have one, and call the helpline I know that I have received a lot of advice from them and also fellow forum members. :sunglasses:

Hi I have been diagnosed for just over 2 years, one of my symptoms is, as you when I stand or exercise it isn’t so bad but when I sit down my left leg plays up, so exercise does help. I have a cross trainer which helps with keeping my left side moving as not exercise much at moment.can try yoga but wasn’t for me . I accept it as part of my life got a automatic ( hybrid) car etc you’re not alone chin up

One of my main areas of pain is in my Right thigh with trembling and cramping. Before I was diagnosed I went through all sorts of physio, xrays, various gp’s to try and determine the cause but I have to say no one ever said anxiety! As per the other advice I’d query that assessment. Pain is an area in Parkinson’s which is under discussed but it seems to be a dominant problem. Take care

Hi Andrew

Thanks for that just not sure if exercise helps too much . Can I ask what it is like when you lie down ? Good that you accept it as I cant at the moment .Will try to keep that chin up howvever .

Hi very uncomfortable like my legs swollen up more uncomfortable than painful have to move about a lot. When laying and sitting down Did do a lot of running but not much last few months as other pains other left side effected top to bottom like a line down the middle sorry to go on but I reluctantly except it my wife very supportive have older children and grandchildren and they except me as I am So just have to soldier on . Physio therapist said can’t help much sorry at work still managing that at the moment giving up not an option

Hi and welcome to the forum. I was diagnosed in 2010 and I don’t think I’ve ever been without pain in my legs. Sometimes the left or both, but mainly the right. It’s fine during the day but come evening when I try to relax, my thighs are tight and restless. I’ve tried increasing my drugs by taking 1/2 a dispersible Madopar tablet now and again. Sometimes it works. The pain and restlessness is difficult to describe to people who don’t suffer from it. Lucky we have the forum.

Yes v difficult to describe to people who dont suffer.
Apart from the pain it is just the constant nature of it . Doctor put me on Tramadol for the pain but no change yet . Have you tried painkillers with any success ?

I think I’ve tried all the painkillers on the market. Most make me go doolally, so I tend to take paracetamol, ibuprofen or codeine.

Hello, I doubt it’s anxiety you could consider trying acupunture. If you go onto the British Acupunture Council web site you can find a fully trained acupunturist near you. It can make a huge difference.

Hi, Mitch 1.
I had a course of acupuncture a while ago, and the gluteus maximus grasped one of the needles and wouldn’t let go. It was very uncomfortable! It didn’t alleviate any other pain either. Thanks for the reply anyway.