Pain management clinic

My physio has referred me toa pan manaemen cliniclinic because th physio was not helping. What happens there, has ithelped anyone?


I would be interested to hear about this too.


My late gf went too a pain clinic in Norwich for a while they injected her neck with cortisone about every 3 months the effect would last about 2 months.

yeah i am under pain clinic where i have bilect facet joint injections & epidural for my back ,they also give you scans to find where the problem is.

Thanks gus and sea angler for your input.

I was woied I was being sent on a don't think about it andit willgo away type thig. You ha set mymind at rest fr now. 



Hi every one 

I dont know what's going on. I finished the physio which had not helped much and was given app. At pain management clinic in July. I have just had a letter in post from local hospital that I have been referred for physio and need to phone to book app. 

I feel dizzy going around in circles. Is this normal?


Hmm That's good really to get app with pain clinic that quick tho ,normally 3 months at least there doing something. Let us know how you get on.gus

Would you believe I forgot to go. Even with post it notes everywhere to remind me. I picked one up as I was planning dinner and have been kicking myself since. O.h. phoning to negotiate for me. Hope they don't drop me for it.


They should be ok. Lol

Rebooked fortwo weks time

I think hubby going to keep closer eye on diary for face