Pain relief alternatives?

My husband was diagnosed about a year ago at 49 with PD. He is already taking Medication throughout the day but is suffering with pain and stiffness in his neck, shoulder and lower back. He is also suffering from pain down his leg. The discomfort and pain seems to be pretty constant. Before relying on pain medication in addition to what he is already prescribed, wondered if anyone could advise alternative treatments. He is active and still works. Wondered if anyone has had any relief from physio, tens machines, massage etc. I know everyone’s situation is different but just looking for options really. Still quite new to all this and just wondered what non-medication options may help.

Hi @Gertty,

I’m sorry to hear that your husband is suffering with neck, shoulder and back pain on top of his other Parkinson’s symptoms. Hopefully you will soon hear from others who can share which alternative therapies have worked for them, but in the meantime I wondered whether you have seen the information about pain on our website. In this section you can find information and advice about pain in people with Parkinson’s, including complementary or alternative therapies that may help.

I really hope you find something that helps alleviate your husband’s pain.

Best wishes,
Mara - Moderation Team

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Hi Gertty. If your husband is able to get advice from a physiotherapist, they should be able to help diagnose the cause of his pain and hence the most effective treatment. In some areas you can self-refer to an NHS physio service though in ours, if you have a neurological condition such as PD, you have to ask your GP to do the referral. The physiotherapist my husband saw was enormously helpful.

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Many thanks Mara. I will follow the link. Any suggestions gratefully received.

Hi Mountainair. When first diagnosed the hubby was given some exercises to do by a physio but they didn’t make much difference. Maybe now pain a bit more pronounced and specific to certain regions he should return for more support. Thanks for the suggestion.

Certainly worth asking as my husband has had similar issue with pain down his leg. The physio he saw found the source of the problem was weak hip muscles on that side and gradually built up exercises for him as they strengthed, with good effect. He rarely has any pain now. He also has long-standing balance problems & although the physio he saw re that identified the problem and was very helpful with some useful advice, the exercises she gave him have had no real effect despite doing them regularly.

He has always been very active and still is though we’re now very aware of situations when he’s most at risk of falls (in crowded places, on public transport or if he’s agitated for some reason) as he’s already had two serious fractures. The day after a GP told me my hubby’s balance ‘looked ok to her’ he had a serious fall and was admitted to hospital! Physios are much more on the ball about such problems than most medics unsurprisingly.

Best wishes :slight_smile:

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Sounds like the most sensible next step. Thanks again.