Pain relief, any suggestions?

Hello all, hope all is good with you. I am wondering if someone can recommend something for pain relief? I have posted here lately about having muscle spasms in my arms and general cramp like pain in my left arm generally. Some of you have recommended more potassium and eating a banana every day which I have done for over a fortnight. I am taking some codeine and ibuprofen to lessen the pain but they seem to have limited impact. I have found the pain travelling up my back and into my shoulder lately. I don’t have a frozen shoulder and I didn’t injure my arm in any way, nor do I have a trapped nerve so I am putting it down to PD. I think I am going to have to live with this for a while so until I get checked out with my neurologist I need something to see me through. Can my doctor prescribe me something stronger than co codamol? Best regards everyone.

I take krill oil, magnesium & curcumin - good luck🌈

I can only add WWP experience.
Her left side was the affected side.
I noticed a slight twitching of the left hand as she placed it just above her knee and her left foot would also move involuntary as she was sitting.
She also developed an intermittent pain ( toothache like ache) in her left leg in which she had to stop and to get some relief by stretching out her leg, this happened when going shopping mostly and she’d be holding on to me for balance.
I’ve given her various supplements to try over the 5 years and the latest ones given was not intended for these sypmtoms, it was just on reflection that I noticed the ache has lessened and the hand movement not noticble.
Both gone now.
But at present her gait has worsened and she has to ‘furniture hop’
The supplements given at the time that the ache and jerky hand movement disappeared was 500mg of B3 nicotinamide twice a day and 100mg of coq10 twice a day, i do not know if it was just the one supplements or the both together that worked.
I hope this helps others.

Hello boomerang83 … I used both Ibuprofen & Paracetamol [together] after my prostate removal & never had a moments pain. When I turned 70 they would not prescribe Ibuprofen so I now take 2 x 10mg Amitriptyline which works just as well for me. I was prescribed it for my Neuropathy but I have only discomfort. I also have Atypical Parkinson’s & Arthritis.

Best of luck

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Hi. Discuss Amitriptyline with your GP. It is actually an anti-depressant but works well for nerve pain, assuming that’s the type of pain you’re experiencing. It is also effective in helping a better nights sleep.

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Hello my thoughts are have you tried physiotherapy and/or osteopathy. Alot of local healthcare trusts have a self referral system for physio these days, maybe worth a try. Similarly a small tens unit purchase able from Boots the chemist, or similar, may also give you some relief. Best Wishes

You could ask gp for Amitriptyline these really helped me there used anti depression but really work for nerve pain, muscle spams and also help sleep. You could also ask Gabapentin there good but don’t like side effects they have when you start upping dose .Tonic water helps.

Thanks so much for having the generosity to offer solutions. Greatly appreciated. Best wishes.