Pain. What medication to take?


I suffer from pain in my lower back, shoulders and neck.  I take paracetamol and ibuprofen at the recommended dosage, but find they don't have enough oomph and I wake up in the middle of the night in quite a lot of pain.

Is there anything else I can try that can be bought at a pharmacy?

If I have to get pain-relief medication from my GP, are there any drugs I need to avoid because I have PD?  Any recommendations would be appreciated, but obviously my GP has the last word.



Hi I used to wake up in pain during the night regular, but with amitriptyline(to stop nerve pain) in a low dose and a overnight slow release Madopar its a lesser event to pain, timing is also a factor for me at least, not staying up late to take a pill to help me sleep, but taking them for when i'm ready too sleep helps ensure a good nights painless sleep.

Hi Martini,

Sorry to hear this. I just wanted to let you know that our trained advisers will be happy to talk to you about any medical issues, symptoms and treatments until you see your GP. You can call them on 0808 800 0303
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There are many causes of pain in PD, but a common one is dystonia leading to  a poor posture. An increase in dose or an increase in the frequency of dose, especially of levodopa, can often relieve this. Sea Angler's mention of an overnight slow release Madopar is worth considering.


 Good Morning,

When I had such inscrutable back pain I couldn't stand it, after different drugs and treatments, I  was sent to an acupuncturist who specialised in Deep Acupuncture.

It took about 10 sessions before I felt any benefit and a few months of exercises at home but it did ease my pain and it hasn't returned as acute (yet).

All the best