Pain with pd


Hi all im new been on in past ive came back on i was diagnosed 10 yr ago and in 2014 i had dbs its helped with tremour but im not sure if the symptoms im going through are pd related im suffering with pain all over esp my neck im also waiting for a brain scan result because my left foot keeps flicking inwards when i walk i still work full time i was an x soldier left 20 yr ago im really low at the moment im getting low more regular now does anyone know anything that may helpp


Hi Stobby1971,

Welcome back to the forum.

I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been experiencing so much pain. I would encourage you to consult with your GP as soon as possible or call the emergency services (999/111) if the pain continues. We also have Parkinson’s nurses on our helpline at 0808 800 0303 if you’d like to speak to someone about your condition and they’ll call you back within 24 hours.

Do keep us posted on this.

Many thanks,