I have been diagnosed with PD for 3 years. I am on Sinemet and Rasigiline. I have constant low back pain which gets worse when I walk or try to excecise etc.
I have had scans which show degenerative changes in my sacro iliac joint in my spine i e arthritis.
The pain has increased over time and I take Naproxen when I need it, which helps.
Today, I was pottering around in the garden, just dead heading flowers, watering and tidying up. and my back pain got very very severe, I almost collapsed, although I wasnt doing anything to cause it. It got so bad, I had to sit down. Now, normally, my pain eases when I rest, but today it did not. I suddenly realised I had forgotten to take my Sinemet lunchtime dose. I was an hour late with it. I took it and within 20 mins the pain had subsided.
This leads me to wonder whether my back pain is a part of PD or some other cause, rather than arthritis. Does anyone know any more about this? Have you experienced the same? Any help would be gratefully received.

does your pain go into the calf? Only I have the same sort of thing in my right leg - I know it sounds daft, but it hurts more if I sit on a hard chair !!! I saw a physio yesterday and she went through several things and said I had developed a curvature of the spine - it didn’t surprise me with that statement as I have a PD relating back condition - Camptocormia (think that is the correct spelling). One Neurologist said it was nothing to do with Parkinsons just degeneration of my spine, then another Neurologist 3 yrs later said yes it is PD related and is Camptocormia.

The physio is going to print out some exercises and will put them in the post - if they help, will let you know.

Me does get worse in the late afternoon and evening - think that might me down to perhaps sitting more during that time. Oh I do hope something helps - it is mighty painful some days. Any bending brings it on - even sitting down using my lap top - as I use an ‘office chair’.