Has anybody suffered the following? The last few days I have had chest and back pain which also spreads across the shoulders and arms. It is more of a dull ache and is not constant. Sometimes it is first thing in the morning ,but I wonder if it something that I am doing that causes it like gardening and kniting as I use my arms quite a lot because my legs are not so functional.
Any advice would be welcomed
Hello Iris
I would see your doctor to get this checked out. It doesn`t sound like the muscular pain you might expect from using your arms a lot but a number of other things might be an ongoing cause. The sooner you get a diagnosis the sooner you are on the way to recovery. Take care of yourself, best wishes
pd causes unbalanced muscle tension. any activity can result in pain - muscles work in pairs and one muscle is activated more than its partner. when doing a repetative activity such as knitting try and keep the shoulders from being hunched up - its a constant battle. regularly (20 minutes?) take a break and do some simple stretches.
ps also agree with HK - get it checked out. and a little paracetemol goes a long way.
Thanks for the replies,I will see my doctor asap. I just wondered if with all the other aches and pains with pd, this was another.
thanks again