dose anyone get a lot of pain i am in allot off pain im being sent to all different departments but no answers i was told by my nurse it could be the parkinsons but my parkinsons doctor says you don't get pain in parkinsons so i thought i would ask people with parkinsons thank you

Get a new neuro!!!!.

Yes many people get a lot of pain with Parkinsons.

Yes you do get pain with Parkinsons!
I have pain frequently in my legs and if it isn't pain it's a constant ache. I have got to the point sometimes where I've been on the verge of crying because of it. No matter what I do, whether I sit, stand, walk,or lie down the pain is intense! I have been given an anti inflammatory to help and they do work. The pain doesn't go away completely but it eases so it is bearable.
Yes you do get pain with Parkinsons. I have problems sleeping due to pain down my left side.
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We did a Q&A on pain in Parkinson's recently. Dr Richard Walker joined us to answer the community's questions on this issue. You can find the transcript here:

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Hi all .. I believe the pain you describe on the one side is maybe caused by posture which presses on the sciatic nerve . My husband was getting a sharp pain under his heel always on the same side . Do you find that you sleep on your back and become stiffer .

Since having a rise and recline bed It has helped my husband by raises the knee part slightly , he has had no trouble since me doing this .
He luckily doesn't get any pain anywhere other than his kneecaps when he st,ands and tries to walk and although he has had two ops on his the same knee it hasn't helped at all He has excruciating pain which now prevents him walking at all jus from chair to chair .

Anyone else have this problem . Be great ful for any feedback .

He can step up without any pain but not on the flat .
i have pain caused through pd,usually my joints,ankles,knees rists etc,shoulder pain also,was dx with frozern shoulder at one time,before dx of pd,but it proved to be the d,my neuro is a lovley lady explains things very well,and my pd nurse,whom is a man which is great to see male nurses now as well as ladys.:smile:
I was told by my PD nurse that pain was the result of the tremor.
Late in the day I suffer shoulder pain and neck pain plus I get severe cramp which only a hottie helps I also was advised t take IBRUPROFEN which helps but be careful as side effects are vivid dreams.