Anyone help - I have so much pain in my joints I can't lift my granddaughter - my meds aren't doing anything and have now been trying to find the right med s for 18 months - I feel worse now than when I started - am supposed to being referred to a specialist neuro but that could take almost another year - I feel like I am 100 years old and at the time I thought I would be able to enjoy life it is now full of pain, worry and a bloody hard slog everyday - sorry for the downer :(


Constant pain, a curse that no one told me about. I was diagnosed in 2005 and although I'm a tad overweight I've always been reasonably fit and mobile, until about 18 months ago when my lower back started giving me gip. Initially my left leg played me up and I was told the my sciatic nerve on that leg was damaged, which made life miserable but tolerable. Early this year I visited my GP to get advise about the constant back pain, I was sent to the Musco skeletal department of my local hostipal where I was given exercises to do, then as this hadn't improved things I was then sent to tai chi classes, although entertains the exercises actually gave me more pain. Acupuncture and massaging gave me temporary respite but the pan only reduced and didn't disappear. Apparently my lower spine has nodules protruding which are slowly pressing on the spinal nerves and as these grow so they will increase the pressure on the spinal nerves. In September this year I flew to Turkey on hodilay, enduring a 4 hour flight, during the flight my right leg started aching then a further 4 hours spent on a coach to the resort made my right leg spasm and since then I am in constant agony. Paracetamol and codeine give slight relief for a short while, Oromorph resulted in constipation. I can only assume that until the nodules are removed my pain will only increase and I will be reliant on a mobility scooter to get around. I apologise for my rant but thought I'd share my load and perhaps lighten yours too.

I too am baffled by the pain I experience. It's quite bad, and it's never the same from one day to the next. Neck pain, shoulder pain, crawling/burning feeling, happens in the daytime but now also at night, leg cramps, and now chest pain.This last set the alarm bells ringing, but I'm programmed in to look after No. 1 grandson for the next 10 days while No. 2 gets born. So the chest pain will have to wait. So far neither the GP or the Neuro have shown any interest in this pain, or in giving me any kind of explanation.

Does anyone else get serious pain, or is it just me?

Could some of this pain he caused by undiagnosed polymyalgia rheumatica rather than PD?

See article below.

I have suffered from mysterious pains for 30 or more years.   Pain was a constant companion, so much so, it became background noise, bearable but aggravating.  I was told it was fibromyalgia and nothing helped and I tried everything.  Then a few summers ago, I was in agony.   I couldn't walk four paces withoout excriating pain.  Turned out it was a spinal stenosis and was quickly resolved by surgery.  I had my life back.  The constant pain in the background was still evident but at least I could move.  Then I was diagnosed with PD and after a week or two of medication, the background nise began to diminish until eventually it was gone.and has yet to return.  Coincidence?  I think not.