Having had pains in my legs and body for some years before i was diagnosed its a little frightening when it comes back with such varsity. I work full time and do sports most days this has always helped, but the last two days have felt like hell. I am holding in the pain in my legs, because i do not want to cry in front of my hubby. I have tired  various things that usually work but to no avail but its getting worse.  arrrrrrrr Tips please!


Hi chop chop sorry to hear you've been in so much pain . I have a lot of pain too and like yourself for many years . I was diagnosed sep . My right side is affected particularly my leg and arm/ shoulder . Certain movements can make me really wince . I was started on vitamin d as they thought it might be bone pain as my levels were low  . Have yours been checked ? Also they thought I was under medicated . The pain in my leg is somewhat better than it was . I've been going to hydrotherapy weekly to try and strengthen this leg . Hopefully that will help . Have you had physio / hydrotherapy . I'm sure that's made a difference . I take ibuprofen and cocodamol 500/30 -gp said take 3 a day because of risk of constipation ! I do try and manage without them because they make me feel a bit sleepy . 

Do you think your tablets may need increasing ? I work full time too . I take my tabs at about 630 so I am ok for work . I have been busy today and I'm typing this with other hand . I feel the busier I am the more dopamine gone . It seems really difficult trying to strike a balance between work / rest / exercise and staying on as low a dose as possible . Do you find that ? 

I find a hot bath really helps - simple  thing you've no doubt tried . 

I have been referred for shoulder scan - problem was one of first symptoms but never actually had scan . I hope you feel better soon . Sorry I'm not much help but I sympathise as this pain can be really horrible . 



My vit D was low too, strangely i spent lots of time out doors, i was put on a vitamin d course of pill too boost it as well, but have not been rechecked since a year ago, i also get bone/joint muscle pain i was supposed too start physio/therapy but alas not yet, I find if i exert myself too much then i pay for it and more  so the following days, i take codeine for the pain as i need it  

Hi sea angler had my vitamin d levels checked on fri as go said important to keep an eye on levels as too much vitamin not good either . Ask again about physio as hydrotherapy seems to help me .