Painful foot

Does anyone else suffer with pain in their foot?  When my meds are wearing off (Sinemet, Mirapexin & Entacapone) my foot cramps and I get shooting pains which are extremely painful.  This is particularly troublesome through the night.


I am concerned that this may be the medication that is causing the problems -the consultant always chooses to increase medication every time the cramps get worse but that may be exacerbating the problem.


Anyone with a similar experience?



Its common especially in the morning to get foot cramps, and as you say it can be a wearing off symptom.  PUK has good printed resources on here you may find helpful.  Sorry can't be more help.

HI Gfcexile if you are still using the forum,i suffer with both my feet and my left ankle turns down and outward very pain full, i find putting my feet in hot water helps, or when i have an ankle attack my husband rubes my muscle. I am considering Botox. If you have sorted out your feet please let me know thanks.

                                                                     Hope to here from you :Zo

Hello zo

I have problems with my feet. I find crepe support bandages are sometimes helpful, also flight socks. Sorry if this is teaching my granny to suck eggs but it was ages before I realised they would help.


Hi Maureen Do you have Dystonia in your feet. I have had it for the past 3 years, i find warm helps warm water or hot water bottles on my feet. I have now bought don't laugh some Pedicure heated booties they are great. I can't seam to stand anything tight on my feet, but we all find different ways and some times it helps others.