Painful legs

My wife Christine has started getting very painful legs and I wonder has anyone got any help or suggestions that may help her. I notice on TV there is a machine called a Revative used by lord Bootham and wonder has anyone tried this and has it helped.
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Good evening Kittson … I am 69 & have Atypical Parkinson’s. I have also had “painful legs” … I had swollen feet, a foot ulcer & a feeling of numbness in my feet & legs & painful muscles. After tests it was shown that my legs issues were probably Peripheral Neuropathy. I was prescribed Amitriptyline which helped a great deal.

Up to 55% of PD sufferers also have Neuropathy. It may be that Christine’s painful legs are not down to Parkinson’s although you don’t say if your wife has PD.

I do not think that the machine will correct the issues caused by Parkinson’s or Neuropathy. Equally it probably won’t do any harm. I’d check out the possibility of Neuropathy & maybe take the medication I suggested.

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Hello there. My father is a 76 year old parkinsons sufferer for 15 years. He too has painful legs and feet and struggles walking. He tried the revititive. I really wouldnt bother, little to know effect on my dads condition.

Hi i was just having a chat yesterday and he praised the Revative how good his legs felt after. My legs i could cry sometimes how much they hurt .My gp gives me Gabapentin but i seem to stumble around abit on these,but my leg pain disperses all so i take Amitriptyline for legs. They have said it’s nerve pain. But i have suffered all my life with pain in legs gp always said it was growing pain but I’m 52 now so you tell me.

Great to hear the revititive worked for some one just did nothing for my dad. Would be interesting to talk to his Gp or Parkinsons nurse about amitriptyline its not been mentioned before. His walking and general strength in his legs is getting really bad now. Though i can see it does agree with everyone and quite a lot of people report delusions. My dad does go through spells when he has delusions or hallucinations so it may not be great for him. Hes 76.

Thanks for the mention about painful legs, been struggling recently, so will talk to my nurse about Amitriptyline.
I’m 61 and had Parkinson’s nearly 7 years

Hi kittson53 I have started with not a pain but from my knees to my thigh but an ache. I feels as though i am walking through a field of thick fog Its hard trying to move , even after exercise, Sometimes I do feel better only once it has not worked, What doe’s work for me is?? rub some of Fenbid gel were it hurts then after a hot wheat pad was put into the Microwave, place on the pain, Just rest for 5 mins. Haven.