Painful Toes

I’ve been getting pain on the top and underneath my middle two toes on my Parkinson’s side, I believe it’s called Metatarsalgia. Apparently, it can be caused by abnormal gate. Has anyone else suffered with this?

@JonJoe is the pain sharp and sudden like you have a stone in your shoe? Once the pain starts it gets worse and you sometimes get a burning sensation?

Only ask as I had those symptoms several years before PD. It could be a Morton’s neuroma Morton's neuroma - NHS
Cause can be due to the following;

  • wearing tight, pointy or high-heeled shoes
  • doing a lot of running, or other sports or activities that place pressure on the feet
  • having other foot problems – such as flat feet, high arches, bunions or hammer toes

Mine has been kept under control for 10+ years by wearing insoles provided via the orthotics clinic at the local hospital. It is also on my PD side but had not made any possible connection until now.

Just another possibility to consider, best thing to do is go and see your GP so they can start the investigations and rule things out. Hope you do get it sorted :sunglasses:

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Yes I think that’s it, probably related to Parkinson’s, I’ve noticed my fourth toe is resting on top of my third toe. Also noticed my big toe is bending inwards.

Hi @JonJoe, yes my little toe and the next one are now bent forwards ad under 3rd toe. There is a large noticeable gap then to the first toe & big toe. Big toe does bend inwards and sometimes which is deffinetly PD tries to point upwards. It’s called a striatl toe and there are lots of articles on the internet. You can also get the same happening in the hand. Which I have in my left hand and l am off for more nerve testing and scans later this month. But keep active, keep smiling and tell mr parky he ain’t going to win.:sunglasses:

My podiatrist gave me injinji toe socks - totally recommend. Im from Australia but you can buy them online - they are probs made in China anyways - good luck.

Thanks, I will take a look on line always willing to try something to see if it will help :sunglasses:

They are expensive but your podiatrist may get them wholesale.