Hi your not only one whose brain is scrambled I have dozen neon tetras 6black neons, 3copper harlequins and 3 catfish and not sure how many baby tetras take care


Hi peter

Wow that is so so many, how do you find time for everything? As looking after the house the kids, husband and my health too is a lot for me. My hobbies are plants so that takes a lot of my time when I can do anything.



Hi peter

I hope you are doing well, just a update I have spoken spoke to my PD nurse today and she explained to me the I had a experience of freezing, I have never experienced this before and I must say that it was scarier for me, but my nurse explained to me how to stay calm and this will help us get through this easier. The only way to explain how I was isi was walking like a chameleon , i was shaking that much, I know I wanted to walk but I didn’t know how or which leg to move forwards, so my nurse explained to me if you have someone with you, ask them to tap the back of the leg you want to move and this will help you know which leg you need to move forward, and to get lots of rest . She has also increased my meds so I hope this will help. But I am still having a cold arm which I just can’t get warm, it’s not the whole arm but just above my wrist And my hand. I am having to ware gloves most of the day, including more layers of clothing . That I will have to speak to my doctor on another day, well that’s me at the moment, I hope you are keeping well and getting some rest too. keep in touch and thank you.

Regards Raz


Hi Raz1 thanks for the update at least you now know what happened and you won’t be so alarmed my auntie used to have episodes of freezing and she lived on her own for years until she passed away a few years ago will let you know how clinic goes on Wednesday


Morning Pete

Sorry to hear of your auntie, well yes those people who live on there own only know how they deal with all these things, it must be so hard and scary at times, I am one of those lucky ones who has someone with me to help, but there is help out there, but it’s hard to get it when you need it the most. I hope your appointment goes well, take care Raz


Thanks Raz1 I, ll let you know what happens in clinic
Take care Pete