Happy new year to everyone, I hope you have had a good Christmas and this new year brings you some sort of good health and happiness,

Well if anyone has been following me I have many unanswered questions, and waiting to be seen by new doctors who may be able to answer these for me. I have really been going though a bad time where my body pain is has been too much for me to deal with. In between with increased medication I was feeling alittle better, but once they have lowered my medication due to them wanting to see how my pains become I am here in this pain, where some days trying to pick up a glass of water makes water come to my eyes, The pain has now traveled down my arms and into my hand and fingers too. I have another hospital appointment next month and awaiting for PD appointment which she is trying to bring back forward again, to see if there is anything she can do to lower the pain. Still don’t know if it is PD I have or something else, but my nurse says as I have a positive take to the pd medication she knows that I do have it, but there must be something else too, which they need to find .

You all try and have a good day


Hi Raz1 I know your pain could be down to many things but I have similar pain and suffer from fibromyalgia as well as pd and my mother has polymyalgia which gives her similar symptoms there is a blood test for the polymyalgia but not for the fibromyalgia maybe worth getting gp to do some tests hope this will help


Hi Pete thank you for responding, you know you are not the only one to say fibromyalgia, I have heard from many people who all have this and they have all said to me that my pains sound like fibromyalgia, I will try today to get a doctors appointment and may just talk to her, as again have not slept all night due to the pain, I have been taking medicine to help which only lasts around 1/2 maximum. I have been taken Pregabalin 50 mg x 2 tablets 4 times a day and around 3 times during the night too. I will let you know how I get on and hopefully get the answers I need. Thank you again
I hope you have a good new year
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MHi Pete

This is a update as I did say I would keep you updated, I went to the doctors again, this time I wanted to see me, I explained everything to her and talked about the different pains I was having. How strong the pains are and how long I was experiencing them for. So it looks like you where on the right tracks, as she said that it all sounds like fibromyalgia, so I have a blood test today, so thank you all, I will keep you posted.

Regards Raz


Hi Raz1 thanks for the update hopefully you will get an answer quickly when I was diagnosed a lot of GPS didn’t understand the condition it took me 3yrs to get the answer sorry for the late reply but I have been busy sorting and putting Xmas decorations away take care and if I can help please do get back to me


Hi Pete,

That’s ok we have just finished putting away things too, I had my blood test today and waiting time for results know. Well you take care and speak soon


A up date on things with me, I went to see the doctors as members on this site have said a few names to things what I was feeling and say my pains felt like, well thank you to them all as when I went and spoke to a different doctor and told them on how my body was hurting and everything else they did some blood tests. Then after the results come back that I was ok in all the tests, the doctor said to me that I may have fibromyalgia but he was not 100% . So he referred me to be seen by a Rheumatologists
So in the time of me waiting to see seen, I have got some more meds to help With the pain. The appointment to see am if I PD is at the end out this month.,? But I tell you something since I have started them the pain has improved. Here is the name of the naproxen 250mg, omeprazole 20 , Also I have noticed the number of head pain has gone down a lot. But my only concern is that I have been reading revives of people taking this Naproxen and their are a lot of side effects, for long time us. So let’s see until I get seen by the doctor that question will have to wait, I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart-all with their support and advice and I don’t think I would have got to the bottom of this with out them. So thank you all :blush::blush:Raz


Hi Raz1 thanks for update knew there was no definitive test for fibromyalgia but try to stay positive as not everyone gets side effects I tried quite a few meds before landing up on nortriptyline plus co-codamol good luck keep in touch



Yes I think you are right regards the amount of medication I am on, I am waiting to see my nurse soon and I will bring this up and see if they can see a way to reduce the amount I am having . You keep in touch too. Raz


Of course I, ll keep in touch taking mam to hospital appointment tomorrow pm can, t go into detail on here but she, s waited 7 months on urgent list only for it to be cancelled last week as we were leaving gp suspects something and have not told her in case it, s false alarm only about 14 mths since my father passed away so decided not to tell her all the truth take care catch u soon


Morning Pete

I am so sorry to hear that you have had bad news, and it’s hard to keep something away from the ones we love, I hope everything goes well at the appointment and you get some right and good support, please let me know how you get in, the Hosptail don’t notice how by changing appointment effect the person and the stress it builds up, but anyway good luck for today :crossed_fingers: