Panic attacks?

Violent rapid shaking of arms, legs and torso. Patient does not know his name, or his wife`s. Following this cannot stand upright for 2-3 days. Is this a panic attack or something else?
I don't have Parkinsons but my hubby does but I suffer from panic attacks and I think everyone has mainly the same symptoms but I can only speak for myself that I start off with eyes palms of hands and feet itching then I feel as though I am hyperventalating and have to get somewhere cold or cool and usually plunge my hands into a basin of cold water covering my wrists which helps cool the blood flow around your body and the worse bit is wanting the loo badly (sorry) Headache follows for a couple of days and then I'm back to normal. This may give you some indication as to what happens. Could it be your medication? I would ask your PD nurse if you have one or speak to your doctor and explain what is happening. I hope you get it sorted out as I feel that just having Parkinsons is enough to contend with.
Thanks so much.
i have no idea what it is you are describing but it sounds very serious - surely this person has seen a doctor since this happened? i may have misunderstood what you wrote.
Hi dandelion it sounds very much like a panic attack. I suffer with them and have had them for over 4 years. I thought I was going mad, a visit to see my GP would bring on an almighty attack - shakes, fast heart beat, sweating, sick feeling, unable to speak and when i could not even knowing my own name! I tried CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy), this didn`t really help and after six months of trying to cope i was put on beta blockers.

My consultant is very good and explained its part of pd, its unlikely to go away but treatable. He put me on citalopram which seems to control it. I`m dealing with it by pushing my self to do things and go to places 3 years ago i couldn`t. Once you know what it is and how to cope the less likely it will happen. The biggest thing that helped me was talking about it. You will be surprised how many people `come out of the closet` once you talk about it, it`s nothing to be ashamed of just another ugly side to pd!!

Take care

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My panic attacks were along the lines of coming to a complete fullstop in the middle of the road (luckily on the pavement!) Sweating , shaking and very sick (literally) and frightened. I did not have the 2/3 days of not being able to stand upright. This was many years ago, and if I remember correctly , I was prescribed Stemetil. I have now been advised (!) that this was was part & parcel of the subsequently dx pd

I wish you all the very best. Panic attacks are not fun, but I believe that they are not lethal!