Panic Attacks

Recently, completely out of the blue I had two panic attacks. Both my GP and Advisory Nurse said they were caused by my pd. Now my GP has referred me to someone at the MHD. Why do I need to involve them. They will not be coming to see me, nor will I be going too see them. Someone from there is going to speak to me over the phone and they have emailed a questionnaire for me so I can follow what they are going to ask me. Will this really be helpful to me. I have the inherited type of pd and I have had it for I started showing symptoms of it about 40 years ago.
Blue Angel
It is hard for anyone to know if your consultation with the mental health department will be either appropriate or effective, but it might be. I have a little experience of this kind of thing, most of it positive. I think the mental health impacts of Parkinson's are not, in general, well enough understood nor taken seriously enough. Perhaps in your case your doctors are taking it seriously.

I felt a bit like you describe when I was first referred to a psychiatrist for depression. There is much more of a stigma about mental health issues than other health issues and in my case that contributed to a mild reluctance to see the psychiatrist. There was no fairy tail fix for my low mood but my dealings with pyschologists and pyschiatrists have been positive.

does that help?

Hi Elegant Fowl, Yes it does help. I have spoken to both my GP and Parkinsons Advisory Nurse, and they both believe this can help me. Actually, I have been emailed a questionnaire from the department and I will be talking to someone over the phone. I have been told that I am considered to be in the lowest catagory, but the doctors believe they really can help[ me. So I think it is worth a try. I have the inherited type of pd and I have had early symptoms since I was in my teens although., at the time no-one realised what it was. So I have had it a good forty years as I will be 61 years old in January.

Thank you for your help, it was very kind of you to offer some advice. Blue Angel
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Fed: what a great story!
Blue Angel: after that you have to give it a go.

Although those of you of, shall we say, more mature years, will guess from my name that I am biased.:grin:
Hi Blue Angel

Im sorry to hear about your panic attacks - I'm sure they must feel very scary so any help may prove useful?

I was hoping to get your advice - my mother in law has had 2 attacks that we thought were just dizziness but now I'm wondering if they were panic attacks as they happened when we were out in busy shops in London. She has recently been put on Betahistine pills for her dizziness by her GP and has also started hallucinating. I'm wondering if it's the medication causing anxiety and hallucinations. Do you have any idea what triggers your attacks? X
HI Chris, No I am not sure what brought on the panic attacks. And in reply to Fed. I would love to fly in a Spitfire. if only to see the look of envy on my husbands face! Actually , I have never flown at all, in any type of plane, so it would be an experience ! I am talking to the people from the MHD in a couple of weeks. I spoke to my GP yesterday and I feel happier about the whole thing now. I have been prescribed Madapor disspersable to take IF i feel a panic attack coming on,but my Gp prefers to call them anxiety episodes.However, I feel certain I can beat this problem , But I am notso worried about it now, which helps.