With many younger pd . effected people nowdays - could people with pd be included in paralympics one day and would peopleunderstand the possible variations in our movement ?

hi rubbish,it a difficult question,as we no there are still people with early pd dx still running like half marathons,a compented by surport around them,and a wheel chair to hand if not able to carry on.but as pd progresses our bodys can not do alot of things ,belive me i no.there is catoguries for the disabled people in the olympics,to which there disability falls into.cus we have movement diffculties,there is none olympians been chose,and i really wish we could be,there must be some thing we can do during the games,i no we suffeer with stiffness and tremoer etc,i had to give up my running evetually,and i trully wish i could of carried on,it be good to put put voices out there to be seen as a disability that should be herd:smile: