Paranoia,or anxiety

does others suffer with these:smile:
i get alot of anxierty ,and panic attacks when wound up,or made upsetby someone ,can not cope with the situation,palpulations in the chest and cry alot,does same things happin to others ,ino ineed to pulls me self togeather ,but easy said than done cus things always go pear shapped for me:disappointed:
I had to reply to this cos didnt want u thinking nobody read your post :wink:
thanks big m,im used to bein ignored anyways:laughing:
Hiya Ali,
About two years after my dx I was having panic attacks and crying for the slightest things. I couldn't understand it and frankly I was getting on my own nerves so God knows what everybody else thought about me, My poor hubby must have been really p...d of but never complained. I went to the doctors and was presribed antidepressants, I wasn't really happy about staring on them but I was in such a state I would have taken anything to be 'myself' again. They actually worked and I still taake them today, they don't make me drowsy or anything and I function very well with the combination of pd and anti deps. Perhaps you need to see the doc?

Takae care
Hi Ali,

I have suffered from anxiety since I was 18. It started off with stage fright out of the blue. I am pretty strong willed so have been able to deal with it over the years. Since having Parkinson's, it has gotten worse. I have never discussed it with my GP, other than telling him I hate to fly. He prescribes me Valium when I'm due to fly and it works a treat. I would never think of taking daily medication for my anxiety but I understand why people do (instead I pray).

At my second neurology appointment, the doctor asked me if I suffered from anxiety so I said yes. Nothing more has been said about it but I got the impression that perhaps Parkinson's and anxiety can be linked, or perhaps certain meds can make anxiety worse. Who knows?

As for paranoia, that's definitely not me at all so I feel blessed.

I've been away from the forum a few weeks so I didn't know you were back. It's nice to have you contributing again.

Best wishes.
jeanine,thankyou for the welcoms back it means alot tome,i was suspendid for 3 months ,but moderaters let me return after amonth ,and im so grateful to erm cus this forum means the world tome ,keeps me goin ,x:smile::wink:
Hi AliJ
The Parkinson's nurse specialists have told me that anxiety is one of the symptoms of the condition.
Very scarily, anxiety stopped me in my tracks last year, so much so I had six sessions with a cognitive behavioural therapist. It didn't 'cure' my anxiety, but it certainly helped me understand how to recognise the symptoms of an attack and try to head it off at the pass! Mostly it's to do with recognising the triggers then distracting myself from the downward spiral of thoughts that lead to an anxiety attack. I still use it.
Not got paranoia (I think!), but it could well be related in that anxiety could be triggered by thinking about whether other people are watching your behaviour?
Something to think about!
well, Ihave actually been avoiding th thispost , and Ibelieve I have a strong days of each. Although I never actually put the connection , so hearing. This actually symptoms of Parkinson's.
one of my biggest anxieties comes from dentist appointments. Now it sounds pretty normal but it's not actually me getting dentist treatment. It's taking my son, well both of them. You see that this is and have to see a specialistand 9 miles away in another town I do drive the whole thing gets me worked up into that state, where I panic. A more one occasion Iwake-up with such fear and dread about the whole thing that I could not evenfocus on taking the children school.because I was anxious. It made my symptoms were therefore I couldn't physically as well as mentally. I'm personally a very able person with Fairmount competence as well as quite confident.

Paranoia pop pop into my head. Now and again I'm convinced of things that have to hit on the head halt the flow quick or else once again on the frenzy....... under this box on such things, but does anybody have any knowledge about Parkinson's. Actually, affecting a mental state i.e. personality and all psychological problems. Etc. etc.
thank you Nicky xx
for a long time my symptoms - shaking, being sick,feeling just awful werediagnosed as anxiety/panic atacks/vertigo. Now PD. I think they must be all related, But the annoying things like loss of sense of smell, left big toe curling up, no sleep I now know to be a PD thing
and yes alij I think I have moments of paranoia. I do not go out very far because I am scared of falling or freezing but also because I feel people are staring at me twitching away. Maybe they are & it shouldn't matter but it does
hi annebernette on the net,
my my. Just look at the time
I thought I'd just sayI didn't think you're paranoid. When you think people will look at you , but probably do, they don't understand, perhaps they haven't seen it before. Now be a good time to smile throughclinched teeth.xxxxxxxx
I live opposite a primary school. I try to avoid school run times partly because of the commotion but also because small children are not afraid to stare. But you areright - they probably haven't seen it before
i went in the pub last year with me daughter and her boyfriend ,ihad a j20 with ice ,got up for the loo and i had the shakes ,tremores,started off with me funny walk:laughing:and then froze to the floor ,people were lookin at me at the bar and gigglin at me,i had to try pass erm to get to the loo,when i did eventually go past one of erm said dunna serve her no more ithinks she had enough :laughing::laughing:,welli got upset,went to the loo and then straight home ,ruined me afternoon,i felt worth less:disappointed:so i then stopped goin to pub ,and i got parinoid of people lookin at me,anxierty was kickin in anywy ,ive always been a nevervous person at the best of times.i went to the same pub a couple of times recently with a pd friend ,the pubs bin took over and bin done out ,it now lovley ,no rif raf in there ,and i felt ok:smile: