Paranoia, Panic Attacks!

Dear all,

My uncle has had PD for the last 7yrs he is currently on Stalevo and Pramipexole - we have notices intesity in his paranoia and anxiety. He has just been given 10mg of anti- anxiety medication...but still very concern about his mental health. He is ademant that his tremors are disturbing his neighbours and that everyone is laughing and talking about him on the streets. No matter how much we try to console him, it seems futile.

He refuses to have social services involved or any help from anyone outside the family - this is worrying too. I have recently started going with him to the doctors/specialist which has help atleast now the experts know he has panic attacks and has paranoia. I would like him to get more help, as most of us are working with young families and there is no gurantee we will always be available to care for him.

How do I move forward? Advice pls!!!

Hi my OH has and the paranoia is awful to deal with, we have an appt in October with our consultant and i am going to ask for some medication (if there is anything) and i need to know is it the medication or is it the parkinsons causing the paranoia???

difficult times cos it's awful when you can't get them to realise all is ok xx

good luck:confused:

Hello Malika and Sooo

NOte sure if you have seen these but there is an information sheet that discusses different types of delusions people may experience, including paranoia. It describes what can be done to treat or to manage them and also includes tips for family, friends and carers.

Malika there's a separate sheet on anxiety too

Best, Liz