Paranoia, suspicions of infidelity - is this normal?


I'm new to this website and this is my first post.


I am worried for my parents.  My Mum has P.D. and is convinced that Dad (her carer) is having an affair.  She thinks that a woman (who is a real person) is following them, hiding in cupboards, staying in the house at night.  Mum is quite scared at home sometimes

My Dad has spent many years looking after her (she suffered from depression/bipolar for years).  He is now really struggling.  Mum is obsessed with this woman and rarely thinks about anything else.  


I worry for them now as my Dad is very stressed and doesn't know how to handle this.


Mum is on sinemet.  She is also on epilim and various other things that I can find out if needs be.  She was on Closapine in an attempt to sort this problem out, it didn't work so she is  off it now.


Does anyone have experience of this?

Is this normal P.D. behaviour?

What options does dad have?


Thanks for taking time to read this.

Hi rich t

I see you posted this very early this morning (or late last night) and I didn't want you to go a whole day without getting some sort of reply. Yes, hallucinations and paranoia are possible, but usually cos of the meds rather than the PD. I'm not competent t oadvise you further, except t osay do see if you can get it checked out. Call the helpline (no top of each page)

All the best



Thanks for the reply Semele.  I did suspect as much from other things I'd read, but the consultant doesn't seem to agree really.  

I wonder if going private for a second opinion would be a good idea.