Park Climate Change

I may have Parkinson’s but I still want to save the world

I have produced a book of climate change poetry with 9 other people with Parkinson’s(three of them like myself post poetry in the forum here).

You will all have seen climate change on the news recently and we wanted to add our voices to the debate.Our goal is to build bridges of understanding so we can relate to the dangers and challenges of climate change. That is the aim of Park Climate Change, a poetry book that includes contributions from 1 photographer and 8 other poets with Parkinson’s, to use our voice to add to the people calling for change.

All profits will go to Parkinson’s UK

I am proud of this book it shows what we can achieve. Please support it there is an Amazon link below
Thank you for reading.
Jon Best

Jon’s book is well worth a read, with poems to enjoy, plus interesting information on climate change and the environment… EM