Parking and Parkinson's

Parkinson's UK is looking to make a response to a consultation issued by the Department for Communities and Local Government in England, on tackling unfair parking practices.

The document asks a series of questions about parking on private land, or land owned by public authorities, such as NHS hospital parking, and we'd really welcome your views to help shape our response.

In particular, we'd like to know -

  • Do you think there are problems with how parking on private or public land is regulated, or the behaviour of private parking companies? (For example, private companies setting high parking fees, failing to treat you fairly when you incur a penalty, provide information, or not considering appeals fairly or the aggressive use of bailiffs).
  • If so, what what steps do you think the Government should take to rectify these problems?
  • What steps do you think the Government should take to help (people with Parkinson's) support local shops and high streets, for example by encouraging the provision of free and competitively priced parking spaces?

The consultation also asks about the trend for private carparks which cannot be paid for with cash, but by phone and card only. We are keen to understand how this has impacted people with Parkinson's too. 

  • Should there be an obligation for local authorities to offer the ability to pay for parking by cash within a reasonable distance of where they have parking (for example via ticket machines or via local shops)?

Any thoughts would be really useful! 




My thought's


in the current climate I Would be more worried about the Governments  rhetoric  against sick and disabled people that the Public are swallowing, Anything that the public think the disabled are getting for free including a blue badge or free parking is fuelling hatred towards the disabled, You only have too look at the conservatives facebook page comments too see this. we  as disabled people are living in very dangerous times much akin too 1930's Germany.

Not only that,the conservatives refusal too tell the nation where these cuts will fall easily driven by public opinion. Where will it all lead?.

The following link is worth reading and the glove box advice leaflet is worth printing and keeping.

NOTE this refers to PRIVATE car parks only ie supermarkets etc. 

For council operated parking administered by wardens and the police there is a link advising what to do.

I was ticketed in a private car park that belonged to a closed down bowling alley, there must have been someone waiting to slap the ticket on as it was done within 2 minutes. The advice at the time was to ignore everything including solicitors letters which I duly got and ignored. The advice was good and that was the last I heard of the matter.

However since 2012 there has been a change in the law and whereas before the  company chasing your "fine" had to prove that you were driving the vehicle now its the owner that's liable. A typical tory leg up to their mates who own these private parking companies in my view.

The difference is that whereas parking on double yellows is an offence against the law, private schemes are based on the signage on display at the car park. The signs should be visible and by reading them you are deemed to have entered into a contract and anything you do outside the conditions are deemed a breach of contract and the company are entitled to retrieve damages.

Note damages are supposed to be a fair estimate of the costs incurred by the company due to your breach. Which on a half empty supermarket car park is in effect a big fat nothing and nowhere near the £60 quid that they threaten you with.

Other key things to note:

Debt collectors have no power to enter your property or make threats to you or take anything you own.

If in doubt call the police.

Bailiffs on the other  hand are sent by the court and you will have had correspondence from the court by the time they arrive. They do have powers to take your property.

i have also had personal experience of incorrectly displaying a blue badge.

The first was not setting the clock correctly and the latest is not displaying the badge.

I  wrote to the relevant local authorities and have had fines rescinded so definitely worth a try.

The clock is a bit of a legal grey area anyway; not displaying the badge I explained I forgot and was on my way back having remembered but due to pd was too slow to stop the ticket.

Note Clamping on private land is illegal. Only the police, local authorities reps and DVLA are allowed if in doubt call the police. However, a closed exit barrier is legal.

The continued letting of private companies overseeing public car parks has led to increased costs and the disabled subsidy disappearing. If you havent got a blue badge I would recommend getting one.