Parking Charges

Has anyone successfully appealed a supermarket parking charge.
I overstayed my 3 hours and now have a £70 fine.
I was unaware of the time limit ,which is no excuse, but had to wait for my husband who is my carer to arrive and help me shop as we needed 2 trolleys. Should I just pay up or is it worth the fight?

Hi Dee,
We noticed this is your first forum post, so we wanted to say hi and welcome to this amazing community. We hope our members might have similar experiences with this parking fine situation, but we’d also encourage you to call our helpline at 0808 800 0303. The advisers there will have advice and can point you to the best resources to help get this sorted. The call is free and confidential, and your questions needn’t be medical. The team are absolutely indispensable. We hope you’ll take advantage of their support.
Otherwise, please have a look around the forum. In addition to medical questions and shared experiences, you’ll find shared enthusiasms like music and poetry, and plenty of good humor.
Best wishes,
Mod Team