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Can anyone help !!!

What are the new regulations  regarding parking  for blue badge holders driving a tax exempt vehicle. ?

With all local authorities issuing their own regulations, how can find out and where you can park ?

I have received an e-mail from Cornwall CC that Blue Badge holders, with a registered disabled vehicle that qualifies for free tax, are able to register their vehicle to park for free in Cornwall Council car parks from 01 July 2016. 

The scheme is open to all Blue Badge holders, whether they live in Cornwall or not, who have a registered disabled vehicle which qualifies for free tax.  Anyone who is currently registered to park for free will need to reapply.  There will be a small charge of £10 per year, to register a vehicle for the scheme.

To qualify for the Council’s free parking scheme a vehicle must be registered as disabled on the vehicles registration document (V5C).  You will need to provide the make, model, registration number of your tax exempt vehicle and a copy of the V5C document.  It is appreciated that Motability customers may not hold the original V5C document however Motability are happy to provide the necessary information.  You can give them a call 0300 456 4566 and for this scheme Motability will, on request, confirm the necessary details and send these electronically direct to the Council’s Parking Services team.

Does anyone know what is happening nationwide ?  Do we register with each local authority  /  county council..  I estimate there are something like 120  authorities in the UK  (63 in England)  that seem to be making up their own rules regarding blue badge parking / tax exempt cars.

I have been caught out before on parking with a blue badge. Guildford allows parking in residents bays for blue badge holders,  in Horsham  I was fined £70.

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Hi Westby,

Just letting you know that our publication Driving and Parkinson's may be of use to you:

There are lots of useful contact numbers and web-sites for you to get the latest information about Blue Badges/Parking. Hope this helps.

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hi Edwina,

   thanks for  link to a great  booklet on driving.  I think I read it  a few years ago but re-reading it now is a good refresher.

I spoke with motability and they are saying only Cornwall has started  to address the issue.  I was in a car park in Devon and the attendant said that they were planning  a similar system. 

I  hsve been carrying a copy of the first sheet of my current ESA letter to demonstrate  that I drive a tax exept car. (In fact I showed the sheet to the Vatican museum in Rome and was admitted free with my carer