Parkins 2

On the TV it was said Ozzy Osborne has Parkins 2. What is the difference between that and ordinary Parkinsons?

No idea. I was wondering the same thing.

Hopefully someone will know. I googled it but nothing came up.

Hi @Margs1,

Yes; you’re right, Ozzy Osbourne was recently diagnosed with Parkin 2 which is a rare form of Parkinson’s. We have more information about this via our website here:

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Hi, How about being cheeky and inviting Ozzy Osbourne on to the Forum ?!!? He could have learnt an awful lot rather than spending his money going all the way to Switzerland and for what ?? Do they have better physicians than we have in the UK ??


Fair play to Ozzy. If hes got the money and undoubtedly he has can afford to try what he feels would work then good luck to him. I’m sure anybody with Parkinsons or any other disease to that matter would most likely do the same. I don’t think its anything to do with what doctors are better but doctors who are willing try different things. Again good luck to Ozzy

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Hi @cruisecontroller,

You’re not being cheeky at all - we’d love to have Ozzy on the forum, I’m sure there’s a lot he could learn from the community! :relaxed:

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