Parkinson and Roaccutane

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Anybody ever take the drug accutane. I did when I was younger .
Sometimes you just wonder if something you took or tried or did caused this curse. Any way just wondering.
I guess it has caused some real bad things to happen to some

In the above article « The authors concluded that retinoic acid signalling defects may contribute to pathologies such as Parkinson disease and schizophrenia. »

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I was addicted to seroxat for over 16 years. When diagnosed with PD and 2 other brain conditions, the neurologist made the connection.

Hi Christiane, I will just send this short email : Yes, I got Roaccutane treatment at the age of 19, and as well as curing my acne problem, I got anxiety attacks like many other Roaccutane patients. However to the point, at the age of 46 I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s, and I always wondered if there was a connection. It is very interesting that you are asking the same question. There are no other Parkinson’s patients in my family

Hi Christiane

I had problems with acne up to my early 30’s. I’d tried everything until Roaccutane finally cleared it by stopping my skin’s oily secretions. At the time a few dry nostril nose bleeds were side effects that were far more tolerable than the acne.

The cause of Parkinson’s has been linked to abnormal gut bacteria triggering an immune system into going haywire. Toxins such as pesticides are also suspects. Roaccutane is certainly Toxic, as that’s how it works in shutting down the skin’s sebum production.

Hey everyone. I took Roacutane when i was 15. Just before i turned 40 i was diagnosed with PD. Zero history of PD in my family. Can there really be a link?