Parkinson medicine Levodopa + Carbidopa adverse effect

Hi, My mother has being suffering from Parkinson since 15 years. She is not responding to Parkinson medicine specially to Levodopa + Carbidopa combination.

Side effect include stiffness, pulsating pain in leg & hand, dizziness.

What best can be done to control her symptoms.

Her symptoms are

  1. Falling backward while walking
  2. Tremor in both hand
  3. Numbness in hand ( wrist to elbow)
  4. Numbness in lips (mouth)
  5. Slow moment

Eye moment proper

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Hemant Tolwani

Hi @hemantkingsman, :wave:

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I’m really sorry to hear about your mum and the symptoms she has been experiencing. The side effects that you’ve listed are quite common among people with Parkinson’s and have extensive information on them via our Parkinson’s UK website here -

I have also listed the urls to specific pages addressing the side effects you’ve named as they all have halful information and tips that can help your mum:

I’m sure you’ll hear from members of our community with their words of support and own personal experiences that’ll also be useful to you. For more support and advise, you can also email our confidential helpline at [email protected], where you can communicate directly with one of our advisers who will gladly provide you with more help.

I hope this information helps you.

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