? Parkinson...no tremors

My brother has been told he could have PD he is in his early 60's. Appointments have been made for him to see a neurologist and I think an MRI scan A few family members have noticed my brother has been quieter last 6 months and said he did seem not seem quite like himself. He has a swollen weak left hand which he wont use. There are no signs of tremors... we have all been shocked and upset by the news is there any thing people can suggest that I can do ?? Im just wondering if it is parkinsons or not ?
Just to add he was offered medication for Parkinson at his last appointment but has refused it and wants to wait until its been fully diagnosed

I was diagnosed in 2004 at 43. I have never had a tremor. I think you need to wait for a confirmed diagnosis. 

Just be reassured that the disease is well managed with medication and there is lIfe beyond dIagnosis. I still lead a normal active life and show very few outward signs.

Hang on in there.

Hi Flower1234, I think your brother is right not to take meds until full diagnosis. I've just started a very low dose having been diagnosed in May. My consultant was in no hurry to administer meds and in no hurry to increase them. It takes a while to find which drug works as everyone different. Hopefully when your brother gets a proper diagnosis he can move on and deal with it. It could be the 'not knowing ' that's affecting him. Oxford gills, it's good to know that 12 years on you're doing well. Gives me hope! DivineR

Oxford reading about your age in 2004...i tried to do the math but my neuro-cog issues mucked it up but..it sounds like you are doing well and not letting this PD stuff get life turned upside down...im sure you have challenges and your mental fortitude..seems a solid and reliable ally...For me the physical stuff tremour balance issues are being held in check with meds....but motivation, apathy is my daily challenge and oddly..your DOG pic...is why i write...(I assume you like them..) I have a Border Collie 4yrs and we bonded from the instant i rescued her from the shelter for she has a heart of gold and the disposition of an angel and she in FACT..rescued me and does so..everyday. She is a constant companion who FORCES me to motive and walk her with no excuses accepted...during which i focus on my gait,,steps and arms...and mostly..it provides an ESCAPE from PD to clear my head and see the enthusiasm and life force in her..the sense of delight...She knows when im sad..having a bad day and helps me when i get STUCK..In all PD takes from me..through my furry friend I regain a bit of life ..my human side and capacity to give..More an angel..than canine..


I was told in 99  that I had  pd  and  still   dont have tremor, I  have  dyskinesia  frequently  which is uncontrollable movement of  one  or all  limbs, I have  it  now while  I type  this  post,  so  it  may  be  a  while  before  your  Bro    is on  the right  meds ,  but  remember its  not  the  end of,  with  the  right  pills   a  full  and  wholesome  life  is  totally  possible.


                                                     Regards and wishes  best   FED

Hi I am 36 seen a Physio May 2015 due to not using my hand (which I thought was due to a prior injury) Physio didn't help so he referred me to a Neurologist which I seen Nov 2015 on the off chance to rule things out after having a clear MRI but an abnormal DATscan... I was dxed March 2016 it had been a bit of a roller coaster really.

I have no tremor, had a swollen/dystonic right hand that I barely used and problems with my walking (right foot mainly).

I wasn't offered medication till I got a clear diagnosis... Like fedexlike says they have to figure out the right pills, they are still tinkering around with mine currently and it's a pain since I felt better on my old meds neutral... Seems Stalevo doesn't agree with me.



Apathy and lethargy, together with tremendous mood swings are the worst of the symptoms.   If I can spot when the mood swings are about to hit, I can just about control them, but the other two are just a killer.


The dog in the picture is no longer with us - we adopted her aged 9 years old and looked after her till we lost her aged 15.  She was very perceptive to my moods - we now have a very lively, very beautiful golden retriever who is now 9 months.  He is now very in tune with my moods and is very affectionate when he senses that I am down. 

A walk across the Ridgeway with him charging around ahead of me and thoroughly enjoying himself is enough to cheer me up no end.

My PD is under control but can still get very painful and dehabilitating at times - thats when I really need to see those big brown eyes.