Parkinson’s disease may start before birth, study suggests

Not sure if anyone has seen this yet!

Fascinating. Wouldn’t surprise me to find PD starts before birth as is already known for some other conditions, e.g. childhood leukaemia.

From a spiritual point of view this makes sense. Most reincarnation buffs believe you return after 50 years, I was born in 64’ making death around 1914, when traumatic death was the norm. I am hypersensitive to any sudden noise, maybe our current personas are not yet ready

I can believe this, I was diagnosed at 47, don’t have tremor but had problems with stiffness and painful hands for over 20 years.

My Parkinsons is on the right and I have had a lazy right eye since birth, I’m convinced it’s all connected.

Anyone else with young onset have a lazy eye on the Parkinsons side?

@JonJoe, that’s a little interesting that you say about a lazy eye since birth. I to have had a lazy eye on my left hand side since birth and guess which side effects me (I’m still post dx although I’m responding well to the medication). I’ve also suffered with nystagmus on the same eye too. My left eye also closes depending upon the conditions and as I cannot see out of it properly, I often don’t even notice as it’s very weak compared to my other eye. I know my mates since having more symptoms have noticed that that eye also closes a lot more often than it did

Yep mine closes as well, usually when I’m tired. Could be that lazy eye in young age is an early sign.

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That would be very interesting if it could be proven