Parkinson`s List

Here`s my Parkinson`s list - most of which Ive picked up from this forum.

Bowl of Bran flakes with a few prunes every morning.
Take my medication - in my case Madopar- at the same time everyday, avoiding protein until my evening meal.
Vitamin D3 1200iu.
Magnesium/Calcium 250/500mgs.
Cod Liver Oil 550mg.
Liquorice stick.
Small portion of almonds/pumpkin seeds.
100 grm portion of broad beans.
30 minute sessions with my Wii fit plus - I can boast that my last Wii fit age was 43 - I`m 61.
Crossword puzzles and chess games with my OH to keep my little grey cells active.
I keep socially active and try to maintain a positive attitude - not always easy, I know.

Well, that`s my list - is there anything I`ve forgotten ?

During all my research online, the one issue I`ve found to be unanimous, is that regular exercise delays the progression of Parkinson`s.
I always bear this in mind when I`m feeling lethargic and struggling for motivation.
Great list, Jacko,
I might make out mine and try to stick to the exercise parts.

I have a lot of muscle tension, so am starting to think that massage might have to be a regular feature of my Parkinson’s lifestyle. She recommended once a month to keep things right after I get all the trigger points massaged out.

Support groups are also a regular part of my Parkinson’s month. I have found them helpful and mentally stimulating.

A local PwP recommended having other things in your life besides Parkinson’s.

Hopefully others here will share comments on their Parkinson’s list.
great idea

first thing madopar lots of water and glucose beans
45 mins later toast with lots of butter and tea
selegiline, vit b, d and multi, beta blocker , water tabs
kids to school
work - lots of intellectual stimulation
10 am madopar and glucose beans
12 food - no meat
2pm madopar and glucose beans
3pm pick up kids
6 m selegiline, beta blocker, madopar, glucose beans, stiff drink
chess online, guitar practice, criticise kids and wife
9 pm kids and wife to bed
explore internet's more dubious corners
10 pm madopar slow release and glucose viagra
try it on with wife
think about work instead
4 am wake up with pd
think about work
try it on with wife
think about work
rosy-fingered dawn

They say god loves a try er. :-)