Parkinson’s Nurse Authority

Hi all,

I am seeing a Parkinson’s nurse next week for the first time since diagnosis. My current meds are still not giving any symptomatic relief. Just wondering does a Parkinson’s nurse have the authority to prescribe medication, either a new one or to increase the dosage of an existing one. Or does my doctor have to contact my neurologist for advise?

Would appreciate some guidance on how the system usually works

Hi  Wild Wildrover

I've only seen a Parkinson's Nurse once, I found him really friendly and helpful, he prescribed new medication which really  has helped me. I had to see my GP to get the prescription though and he wasn't so helpful. Hope you get some relief soon. 

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Hi wildrover

I've only seen my Parkinson's nurse twice but she was great. Very knowledgeable, and she listened to my concerns!! She suggested altering my prescription, saying it would take a little while before I noticed a difference. It took a couple of months actually but it really did help.

I ticked the box requesting a copy of correspondence &received a copy of the letter she sent my GP. I was a bit upset to read she had noticed my face becoming mask like ( can't remember the technical terminology). Then I reminded myself that it was my own fault for asking! But it did show that she was very PD aware. It's a year since my last appointment but I have been sent one for January.

Good luck with your appointment Daffy

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Had my appointment today at the Royal Blackburn and have one word to sum it up “SUPERB”  it has restored my faith in the system. Had a good 45 minutes with a Parkinson’s nurse who was a credit to her profession. Discussed everything including a line by line analysis of all my aches and pains. These people are worth their weight in gold. Thankyou I now know were to go to get some real answers.

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