Parkinson’s pain in shoulder and neck and jaw

hello my name is darrell
I have had Parkinson’s for 18 months now and have all the symptoms that comes with it
I have pain in front shoulder blade which then gives me a stiff neck and loads of pain
which then gives me pain in my jaw and behind m ear
does anybody else get something like this

Hi darrell,

I was diagnosed about 2 years ago now and thus far no pain as you are describing.
Perhaps your doctor can prescribe anti-inflamatories for you, it seems like that is probably your problem.

Hello Darrell, firstly it’s my husband who has PD. He does get pain in his neck and back occasionally but I think it could be due to his poor posture. It’s not a debilitating pain and eases with ibuprofen. Re your jaw neck and ear pain, have you checked with GP as it could be a problem called TMD. I have this only on the left side of my face and it can be very painful indeed when it flares up! It’s sometimes hard to know if the pain is emanating from jaw, teeth or ear as they are all on the same nerve pathway (I was told). May be worth checking it out. My dentist diagnosed me. It can be exacerbated by stress too. Hope you get it sorted soon. Good luck. Jean