Parkinson’s syndrome

My son has recently been diagnosed with Parkinson’s syndrome …….could someone please explain the difference between this and the disease .I find this area very sketchy when reading up on it

Hi @Rachel35 and welcome to our forum. It’s a friendly and supportive space and I’m sure other members will be along soon to greet you.

It sounds as if your son has Parkinsonism? There is a difference between that and Parkinson’s disease, but they share many of the same symptoms and can also be treated with the same medications. Parkinsonism is an umbrella term for all conditions that look similar. If you read Types of Parkinsonism | Parkinson's UK you’ll gain a better understanding.

I hope you’re able to check in with your son’s medical team to get more clarification on this. In the meantime, enjoy the forum and we hope to learn more about you soon.

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Thankyou for that info because on diagnosis he was told how sorry they were but it was worse than Parkinson’s disease ……I mean neither are nice it just you like to know facts for you to deal with it

Hi Rachel35,
I’m not sure what you mean however, whatever they told you, and you never said, please go and get a second opinion.
Who did he see, was it a neuro or a GP?

I was told I’ve got parkinsonism 11 years ago, I’m still driving ,can’t really walk much , but as long as I can get about in my car I’m happy