Parkinson tiredness and the fear of being useless

There was nothing I experienced prior to the emergence of my symptoms that is like Parkinson tiredness. Have you ever been caught in the rain and gotten soaked, your clothes clinging to your skin? Parkinson tiredness is like having a personal rain cloud that drenches you with a tiredness that never dries out. As a result, initiating and controlling movement becomes more challenging. This is because with Parkinson’s good movement requires a large amount of energy and if the petrol in your tank is running low you cannot supply the energy needed. The petrol is also used up quicker when its low until you cannot resist falling asleep.

The presence of a potentially consuming tiredness and (one interpretation of) my disability led me to a fear of being useless, a lump asleep in the corner unable to do anything. I felt agitated and had the need to be constantly active, even when my petrol tank was bone dry. Having rests seemed to encourage uselessness! But then I overheard my fear and realised by running my tank to empty made me a lump asleep in the corner. My strategy was causing the thing I feared! Taking regular, sensible rests enables you to dry off a bit from the tiredness, fill up your petrol tank and therefore be useful.
Know what you mean. Because I am exhausted by 4pm I am always tempted to cram in as much as possible in the morning while my energy lasts . Duh! I'm hopeless at pacing myself although I can see the logic of it!!!!
Hello Dr Johnny, I was most impressed by your acute description of the unique form of tiredness PD inflicts upon its victims, for included in Blackhearts menu
of fatigue, you find Guilt, deep Sadness,Forgetfulness, Carelessness and the loss
of the ability to care, you simply are either so tired that it isn't possible to
awaken your caring side of your nature, or you are totally engaged in combat with one of Natures most savage inventions that it will demand every last surviving brain cell focus on the Battle, a Battle we are of course destined to lose , its a war which exacts a colossal attrition rate of front line Dopa cells
hence your tiredness and constant dozing off , your perception mirrors my own and
found a unlikely solution and one which not only re energized my Brain but re awakened my interest in a long forgotten hobby . Target shooting, my Son suggested I try it as a way of getting out of the house, socializing and of course
building up my accuracy with the modern powerful Air weapons available today,I find the sport invigorating and I am now attaining a very high level of accuracy
and every time I ring that bell which signifies a direct hit on kill spot, I say
to myself ME 1 Blackheart 0 , if you can give it a shot , pardon the pun.

Kindest Regards fedexlike ( fed )
Hi fedexlike
I think I must be going through a bad stage at the moment.ive got nearly all the non motor symptom as well as the tiredness but it's weird chase I don't often yawn.if I do go to sleep I wake up as tired as I. Went to bed or armchair.i don't sleep at night but drop off in the day,I'm going off my food and walking around dizzy and moody.i dont go out the house,but liike it when it's nice and muscles ach everywhere. I'm getting everyt pain you can think off,moaning its either pod or. I'm a
Hello Sir, I fully sympathise with you, battered from all sides ,worn out and of course Depressed, the continuous sleepiness will amplify any fears you may have. I cannot make your life easier with words, but you can with actions, believe me you can do it. I do not know you or which part of Planet Earth you Inhabit or how much support you receive either professional or from family or friends, but I will offer you an instant temporary stop gap solution, then of course you can tell me I am being silly and to go away, or words to that effect
and to shove my suggestion,,, well,,you know what I mean, anyway hear it is the
feds temporary solution to your predicament. First step is hard, it means leaving your home, always very difficult when feeling like you do , it also involves setting a target and pushing hard , as hard as every last sinew in your body wil
endure, if you have a friend to accompany you great, but I found that achieving
my goal alone produced a more lasting effect, also even if you have a car, leave
it at home, very painfull, its a home on wheels next step go to your nearest bus
or Train station and pick a destination, any destination it could be somewhere
you have not seen since childhood ,anywhere, but be sure its not too far and buy a return ticket, you will be coming home. During your trip try to take a interest
in the countryside and towns you pass through, if you have a camera take pictures of anything and everything, it will not be easy, but its not meant to be
you are challenging yourself, the most difficult challenge you can face.
When you have arrived check the time of your return, do not miss it and don't leave it too late, fast forward, you are home, you have completed your task and
you are completely sh....g worn out obliterated, but and I can almost guarantee this, you will feel Happy tired ,confident tired, I HAVE ACHEIVED tired you will sleep like a log and the next morning as I have done many times you can sort your photos, you will be pleasantly surprised , you might have taken 60 70 80 shots,
be super critical of your work, one trip I took 357 photos and edited them down to 4 that were good, and only 1 that was great. Mr Potter64130, I can almost hear your thoughts, " this guys nuts" and at my first attempts I thought I was nuts
all I know is at the end, when I returned home and crashed out in my favourite chair , yes I was all aches and pains and very tired, but I was HAPPY tired.
:grin:Good Luck Sir, and the very Kindest Regards fedexlike