Hi peoples 

Well just been admitted to the nerologist center in Preston England and there i wasnt offically diagnosed but one of where the Dr thinks it is but wants to run more tests. 

She thinks its parkinsonsim, Now she was very breif on the details, so I am here to see if anyone really knows, or can help me get to know whats coming up etc.  I am 19 years old so i know that I am extremely young to even have the first symptoms of parkinsons. 

So breif of my symptoms is tremors in my right hand, fingers etc. only right side, Total right sided weakness leg, arm etc weaker than my right. memory loss, loss of balance (have to walk with a cane now) mental issues of i am apprantly much different recently than i was before any of this, more anxious more down etc. they found ridgity (down know how you spell that :D) physiotheapists whilst i was there noticed that i have reduced pace, reduced turning speed, and my right arm hangs down and doesnt really swing along like my left. 

I dont quite know what else to put on here, so i will just leave it at that before i ramble on any more haha. 



Hi Silentwolf

   Welcome to the forum and sorry to hear of your ills , the symptoms you have do sound like parky which is a shame in someone so young, you've come to the right place to find info support n understanding as there's lots of good people on here , there's also plenty of off beat humer................where else can a cat talk to a wolf ha ha ha.

The best advice I can give you is stay as active as you can n laugh as much as possible also ramble as much as you like as I find it helps to put things into perspective.

  So take care n live well.  Cc

Hello silent wolf and welcome . Your symptoms echo mine right sided like yourself . It does sound like it is that but you will know more following the tests . You are young at 19 . I think I'm young at 45 ! You can have juvenile and young onset though . There are a couple of people on this forum diagnosed 8/9 years of age . Try and keep positive and remember that treatment is good  . Treatment has advanced considerably and research is continuing all the time . If it is that you will start on medication soon and hopefully will start to feel so much better . Many People are living with this illness and coping very well . I am quite new to all of this . Sep . I have found it very difficult at times I have to admit but this forum has helped me so much . There is always someone on here who can help . Best wishes let us know how you get on . 

hi silentwolf  sorry to hear that at 19 you may have petterarkinsons have you had brain scan  yet i know it seems very daunting right now and i dont want to give you false hope but the symtoms you describe do sound like it might be pd  but at least if you get a diagnosis you know what you are dealing with and can get the help you need i know this may sound blunt but its not a terminal illness and life does  go on youlearn to adapt and live with it my motto is i may have parkinsons but it doesnt have me good luck and hope you feel better soon, susan.