Parkinsons achey shoulder- how does it feel?

For anyone who has had the Parkinsons achey shoulder as a pre cursor to being diagnosed, how does it actually feel?

Is it like a dull ache? Is it just on one side? It is there constantly or on and off?

Did you have any kind of ‘electricity’ feeling in your hands/ feet?


Morning HavanaS.
Its my husband who has PD but I can tell you what his shoulder was like for 5 or 6 years before diagnoisis…
He could hardly lift his shoulder/arm it was painful and achey…
Off to GP he went and to be told he had a frozen shoulder then it became a trapped nerve and then he was told it was probably arthritis because of his age( he was 55 at the time)…no GP was really interested in looking further into it…so for 5/6 years he had a constant ache in his shoulder and arm.If he tried to lift anything he was in agony…it was in 2016 when I noticed his hand shaking he went back to our GP to again be told it was arthiritis…then he lip started tremoring so I went with him to the GP and demanded he saw a neurologist,he also had no arm swing by then ( I was aware of the symptons as I have cared for people with PD through my work)…the GP agreed that he could see a specialist. Within 30 mins of being with the specialist he was diagnoised with PD, he was told that he had had the symptons for many years and because of his age they were overlooked…once he started on sinemet he now can lift his arm properly and has a 65% arm swing and no pain or aches…the specialist told us that a shoulder problem is the first sign of PD in lots of people…hope this helps?

Great- that’s really helpful. Thank you. I knew that a lot of people reported a bad shoulder before being diagnosed but I couldn’t find any information on how that actually felt.

My mum has Parkinsons so we are hyper aware in our family if myself or my brother has any kind of ache or pain.

My mum has had it for 16 years now and her memory doesn’t seem to capture (or be able to communicate), exactly how her shoulder felt before diagnosis.

Thank you!

Hi there

I had a frozen left shoulder which did clear up with treatment, acupuncture and physio but when my right shoulder started aching about 7 years ago none of the former regimes worked. It did freeze fully and followed the same pattern as Babesbrown describes - no swing, massage only gave slight relief. It is terribly painful. The Parkinson’s Meds (Ropinerole) took exactly 16 days to unlock the shoulder. When I saw a physio prior to starting an exercise class 2 years ago I was told that my shoulder wasn’t sitting properly and I was given exercises to strengthen the muscles in the area. Hope that helps.

ohhh I am really sorry for you have you ever tried different treatments

Hi Havana’s, I have had an achey , frozen everyday painful shoulder since my diagnosis four years ago , I’ve tried every medication under the sun , I thought it was connected to an accident I had on my mobility scooter , but I am convinced now its parky again , my p nurse ask me on my last visit if I had any problems with my shoulder , I said yes and she said , its also the same problem as my right leg , when you get one , you get the other , but didn’t offer any medication , just keep taking the Madapor , I’m in pain constantly , any suggestions re off the shelf , I’ve used Brufen for ages but no joy yet ,

Definately as a pre-cursor - My left arm began to get more and more painful in different places at differnt times; at first you think i’ve slept awkward; ir ive banged it; or i ve twisted a muscle; eventually i went to see my GP and said my arm is really really painful - he said im going to refer you to a neurolgoist - the rest is history

I have recently had confirmed PD , but have had painful shoulder for 10 years approx. Tried physio, acupuncture , both no help. Had steroid injection which helped for a few months. This arm doesn’t swing v well and now this is the side of my tremor so I think it is all linked. For me the worst pain is when moving out to the side, but am able to move rather than being frozen. Pain radiates down arm sometimes almost to elbow. no tingling or feeling of electric. I used to get occasional mild electric shock felling on my thumb but that has settled since the tremor developed.

I had 3 - yes 3 - surgeries for rotator cuff repair. before being diagnosed with PD.
it still hurts most days, but especially when i go “off”.