Parkinsons advisor

Hi dont know if anyone else has found parkinsons advisor hard to get in contact with!

I have tried over the last couple of weeks to contact who is supposed to be my parkinsons advisor  with no avail.

I am not impressed with this as i have had parkisons for 3 years and not once been told about having a parkinsons advisor. Only  found out by talking with others.

Has anyone else experienced this.

Aye aye hello there Glasgowgirl

               Aye it's bad crack someone should have told you about this , but take care you actually have one in your area , your PD nurse should be able to advise if there is one . All the best for now ( looks like we're no gonna see you folks at. Stirling ) take care o yourselves 

ian xx

Hi ian

Does not look as i. If anyone has dropped out.  I had contacted a PD advisor in stirling who was very nice and said he would  contact me  if anyone dropped out.

He said he had passed my nos onto my pd advisor and i have left numerous messages but nothing.

We had thought we could even come through at night for a drink but was told your name has to be on the list.Would have been good to see you and Catriona. Hope all well with you both.

Take  Care Barbara xxx

Aye aye Barbra

if ŷou want to come at night you can't be stopped as its a public bar at the hotel .  And anyone can wander in for a pint , it's just the dining room that's full , but if .you even wanted to stay there am sure you could book a room ! . If in any doubt phone for the crack and ask them if you can come into have a drink at the bar at night  ( Stirling court hotel ) then at least you know it's okay . Just if you can be bothered ( it would be nice though ) tooraloo Ian xx

Hi ian thats what  phil says . its a hotel and anyone can go In.

So we will deffo see you both as if we dont get booked in where you are a bloke  at  phils work has told him a hotel near there so going to book in for the one night.

its the fri that you will be there.?

Will email you my  mob nos so we can get you and Catriona.

Hope you dont mind us coming through.

My son is going to run us through on the fri night.

Well see you and Catriona friday night,

Take Care Barbara xxx



Great stuff 

see you there Friday night the 2nd of June it will be good for you Barbra not to be missed !!!!  Woo noo !! The big man will enjoy. It am sure cheerio happy boy Ian xx