Parkinson's after a operation

Please can anyone tell me what affect a non parkinson operation has had on there parkinson's.
My wife had a operation on monday. She came out of hospital thursday but still has no balance and is unable to walk unassisted. Also freezing a lot when trying to walk.
I wondered if this is normal and will wear off in time.
Could it be that they withdrew the normal dose of meds because of the operation?

I hope it is just this, but do ask them what meds, if any, were given or not given. It might explain the problem.
All meds where given has normal. My wife showed them the get it on time information and they stuck to her normal meds times.
Though it has to be remembered that any stress on the body makes Parkinson's worse,it might be an idea to read the information leaflet available on this site called Anaesthesia and Parkinson's.
Hi Belleyetere I hope your wife is feeling a lot better today.When I had an operation under general anaesthetic,It took my PD about 2weeks to settle down.I took all my meds on time.I've recently had the same operation under a local and I did not have any problems at all.I'm sure your wife will be okay.Hope this helps ANGEL4UX
pd after a op can be hard goin ,i wont beat about the bush ,shakes worse stiffness ,but everyone is different and its down to the rite meds that help u get along better ,if your dr helps u out im sure she will be fine belly tree,hugs x
I have had two knee replacements and my parkinson symtoms have got worse after each one ,i now have trouuble going through shop doors and over floors where tthey go into different colours i just freeze ,i would be greatful if anyone has any advice on that