Parkinsons and acid reflux

ive had acid reflux for 2 half years now,i have 2 omeprozole caps 20mg each one every day,when i saw the dietian yesturday agin this was expalined to me,i hope it can help other people;

when food is swollowed it goes down ur throat till it gets to a valve called esphageal spincter,the valve is tite closed and only opens when food passes through to ur stomach,were it is then prepared for digestion.when the food gets to the stomach the muscles begin grinding it to a [paste.the tiny bits are mixed with acid and other chemicals,before movin on to the small intestine.
but havin pd can change this process,the nerves which guide the muscles tract are much slower.the stomach takes longer to grind and mix the food.when the stomach acid sits in the stomach to long it forms gasses which then causes painful cramps which i have been havin for some time now.ive been takin mebeverine meds one every 20 mins before i eat any food every day,theses are spazerm meds,for the stomach.the esophagel sphincter with havin pd can be weakerned so it is harder to stay closed propley,so this means the gasses ,acid and the food may get pushed upwards to the sphincer causin the bloating and full feeling.if it becomes to weak it can be forced open lettin acid to come up in to ur mouth ,throat.which is called acid reflux.this can cause probs ,certain foods like tomatoes,choccy and citris foods ,and alcohol.every one is different the dieatian will help you with your diet. large meals can cause bloating and reflux,the stomach needs more time to process the food,and if you have pd as i said it takes longer,much slower for this to happin causin more much more smaller meals more frequently. you can be refered to a registered dietian for for pd, if you ask your social worker,ocupational thearpist or gp,or pd nurse.:smile:
o i for got to say aso i have mint chewable gaviscon advance tablets every time had a meal as well,which helps:smile:
my neuro has suggested silent reflux as a cause of all the enamel being eroded from my teeth. definitely got a slowing down of the food process. this can also cause atrial fibrillation when the digestive system impinges on the heart.

lots of pd people have had AF - i suggest the common factor is slow digestion building up gas, expanding the stomach and touching the vagus nerve.

Although this post i have just read is an old one it interests me. I have never heard anyone mention acid reflux having anything to do with pd. I was diagnosed with acid reflux over a year ago and have had different medications but they dont seem to help. I get quite distressed when i feel like i am choking and coughing. I dont like making a fuss and keep hoping it will improve. Anyone offer any advice?

I also have bad acid reflux which in my case seems to have started when the Nurse put me on an increased dose of Sinemet tablets in May this year  taking them 3 times a day from 3 x 12.5 mg tablets to 6 x 12.5 mg tablets - I have been given to help my indigestion 1 tablet x30 mg of Lansoprazole in the mornings backed up with 4 Gaviscon double action tablets in the afternoon--it has helped a little but no where near a cure.

My OH suffered from acid reflux. We cut the amount of wheat, yogurt and coffee in his diet, and this has cleared the problem. Lanzoprazole , Gavison and Colpermin only provided very temporary relief.

Peppermint flavoured cordial seems to help me when I feel bloated. Mix it with water and give it a try. Hope it helps you