Parkinson's and dementia?

Hi my father has been diagnosed with PD (approx 10 months ago) He's in his early 70's. Prior to 2012 - the previous 5 years had shown cognitive issues such as forgetting how to do arithmetic, difficulty following instructions and over complicating things, plus anxiety and memory loss. As Alzheimer's is in family, arranged private brain scan approximately 3 years ago. Showed he'd had 4 mini strokes / TIA's, some deterioration in white matter, but no protein matter present at that point. Since 2010 2 more mini strokes have occurred. Vascular circulatory problems also present, which probably caused the mini strokes.

Up until 12-18 months ago, physical symptoms seemed to be no more than just what you would attribute to someone that age who does no exercise and has cognitive issues - not getting out enough, not walking much outside etc. Then stoop and rigidity, plus symptoms. No real tremor apparent at all even now.

I believe he has either PDD / Lewy Bodies / or Vascular dementia as well as Parkinson's. When my parents go to GP, any symptoms discussed are attributed to Parkinson's or age. What can I do? (he has had a test through a Parkinson's nurse to check memory etc (including the clock face test) which i could see he scored badly on but when I questioned what would happen to the results she said they were for her use. I'm not sure they've even gone to the GP! Any advice please as both my parents are still somewhat in denial of cognitive issues / dementia and I know i am going to have to drive diagnosis / treatment? Any advice on this or other stuff that may be useful gratefully received!
Hi danne,
Welcome to the forum. I'm really sorry to hear the problems you are going through. Here are some resources that might help:

There is a good deal information on Parkinson's dememtia and dementia with Lewy Bodies on this website. You can find this at

We also have specialist nurses on our helpline who can talk to you about this. Our helpline is at 0808 800 0303.

I also had a chat with Cecilia who leads on dementia issues here in our office. She suggested some additional resources:

· Admiral Nursing Direct, a helpline service offered by Dementia UK:

· A useful dementia carers website:

· You could also try the Lewy Body Society at

Hope it helps,

Dear Danne,

It is useful to keep a diary recording the issues you notice, along with perhaps the time of day as well.

That way you can see if there might be a pattern emerging (coinciding with perhaps early morning, medications/wearing off, mealtimes/low blood sugar, late afternoon, often referred to as "sundowning") and whether these issues fluctuate, or are worsening or becoming more frequent, and exactly what the issues are.

That can back up any tests given in the clinical situation, and show what the particular problems are to the medical professional.

If it is LBD or PD dementia types, then Exelon (Rivastigmine) can be a help, so achieving a diagnosis and thus be prescribed the medication is helpful; sometimes there is little help in the way of medication for dementia, but greater input from social services or an occupational therapist might also be achieved.
you can keep a notable thing for keeping of records, along with perhaps the time of day as well.
It can be LBD or PD dementia types, then Exelon (Rivastigmine) can be a help, so achieving a diagnosis and thus be prescribed the medication is helpful. here
You may also search for more dementia care plan.