Parkinson's and Diabetes

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Does anybody know if there is a link between Parkinson’s and Diabetes. After reading a post on this forum regarding some people going sugar free and experiencing great benefits from it, I decided to give it a go as I a feel very tired and lethargic most of the time and put this down to Parkinson’s. I bought a blood glucose meter and discovered my blood sugar levels were not great and indicated that I was possibly diabetic. I have since had a blood test through my doctor and it has been confirmed that I am Prediabetic. Hopefully I can manage my way out of it with a more disciplined diet regime.

Just wondering if anybody can share their experience with regard to this subject. I have seen a research article that concluded there was evidence that people with Parkinson’s can be insulin resistant.


Hi @Wildrover,

You are certainly not the first to wonder about what connections exists between the two.

A number of studies have been done that suggest there is a link between the two - and that diabetes may even increase the risk of Parkinson’s. There also seems to be some progress being made in repurposing diabetes drugs for Parkinson’s. We have some news articles on this subject that you can check out here.

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