Parkinson's and effect of a cold

I have had Parkinson's for 6 years. Last winter and this I have noticed a pattern of fuzzy/light-headedness with some discomfort in my ears during and after a cold. This lasts for some weeks, even months, and is very unpleasant. I've had my ears and blood pressure checked, but no problems with these. Have tried inhaling, but no improvement. I am also continually fatigued and sleepy, more than usual. This makes my eyes tired and sore. I feel so rough that I avoid social occasions as I just want to be quiet and sleep. It is difficult to get my GP, consultant and Parkinson's nurse to understand it, though they are sympathetic. Does anyone else find this connection between Parkinson's and the common cold? If so, any suggestions for overcoming it? :cry:
In December 2008 My neurologist prescribed Amantadine to help me with dyskenesia. It helped a little and I still take 1 tab each morning

Amantadine was developed as a drug to prevent influenza and apparently PD patients who took it for that reason started to report a positive effect on their PD hence its addition to the PD drug list.

I find it really interesting that since I began taking Amantadine I haven't had so much as a sniffle! :grin: This could of course be completely coincidental. If indeed this is a side effect of Amantadine I'll embrace it as heaven knows we get enough nasty side effects from our meds!

Which doesn't help someone sniffling and coughing with a nasty cold one bit.
Sorry :cry:

Hello, Toots,
I also take Ammantadine, have done for 3 yrs.
It works wonders for RLS.(Restless Leg Syndrome).
Ive found exactly the opposite with colds or flu!
My colds go on for months, invariably get on my chest and usually lead to Anti biotic course.
there is definitely a link in that when you get the common cold it makes the pd worse. About 4 Christmasses ago before my h was not on medication he got bad flu but the symptoms were just a bit of a sniffle and really bad pd symptoms, walking on this toes, followed by being unable to stand, bit delirious, bit hallucinating, this all happened within the space of one day. I rang nhs direct who gave me a parkinsons doctor who said just get an antibiotic and as soon as the antibiotics kicked in he improved back to normal with bad flu but pd back to normal so there is a link. So thats not at all like you're example I think it shows that if you have pd and you get a cold you have to look after yourself more and expect it to take a bit longer to recover? what do you think? sunray
Hi JanetW

I`m pleased you mentioned this. Last winter I had constant problems with my ears feeling fuzzy and a sound, which all i can explain sounded like a whooshing sound. I also felt spaced out a lot of the time and felt on the verge of starting with a cold. My GP checked my ears and couldn`t find anything wrong neither could my consultant. This disappeared in summer and hasn`t returned since(although i always feel on the verge of getting a cold).

I've been taking Amantadine for two years (twice daily), maybe it`s the amantadine causing the problems, or maybe just another symptom of pd!

HI I FIND THE COLD MAKES ME PD WORSE,oops caps :laughing:sorry,i used to do alot of runnin,so in shorts and vest all weathers,but now im still ditherin with lots of clothes on,it not make sence,my pd i shake more,trmors,and feet like ice blocks,and ache alot more,speacily the shoulders,feel like a big weight on erm.i was told by a freind to go on amantadine for my rls,which i spoke with my neuro,but cus my meds are waitin to be looked at for other reasons,not gone on it yet,or if im aloud.but now readin about colds,it bothers me to go on it.i have the flu jab every year and touch wood this year only got sniffles,i guess its get a cold or put up with bad legs:rolling_eyes:
Generally speaking most of my PD medication becomes less effective in extremes of temperature, both hot and cold.