Parkinson's and employment

I am 58 in august.
I live in Spain with my wife, mother in law, two grown up children and 18 months old grandson.
I came to Spain 15 years ago for a better lifestyle for my family.
I have worked constantly as a part time PE teacher.
I have also taught other subjects.
My contract runs from September-June.
Last year after I told the owner about my medical condition I had my hours cut and my wages cut.
This year I fear worse.
I fear my job will be gone.

I have savings to a point
Not enough to see me to retirement.
Worrying makes my condition worse

The best ave already been made about my age , mobility and my weight gain.

My contract will very likely not be renewed, leaving me with job, no prospects and no
My house is paid for but Social Security in Spain is very poor

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I think I fell asleep whilst typing that.

Hubby; I empathise fully; I’m nearly 54, and have retired as I find typing so slow…one fingered and one handed. Add that to the high degrees of stress that work evoked…led me to waving white flag…Diagnosed at 50yrs, and worked on til last July; Difficult to find advice to give; it seems you may be supporting more members of your family than would be wished. I worked as a Geologist, and it is only now that I realise that having more obvious tremors at interview, in combination with being honest about typing issues, seem to combine to see me rejected from positions that would have jumped into my lap 4 yrs ago. Perhaps returning to the UK may be weighed up, after reviewing your needs, potential for income support, and friends + family proximity. I wonder if you ever took up a personal pension?. I still support a 14 yr daughter, so hear your anxiety on finances. There are many of us out there

Thanks for that William.
Sometimes we think our problems are unique to ourselves.
It’s good to know others are in a similar position.