Parkinson's and epilepsy


Hi Prof. is here again with an update on my condition, which I am sharing in order to find out if there are anymore people on the sit who have the same problem

I have had epilepsy for many years and I take Depakin tablets 3 times a day each tablet is 500 mg. I also have Parkinson's disease for which I take Sinemet tablets 4 times a day each tablet is 250 mg.

My problem is compounded when the epileptic seizures are more frequent and I have to increase the amount of Depakin by an additional 500 mg per day because this also increases the tremors in my right arm and the degree of stiffness and lack of movement in my neck.

My neurologist has told me that it is better to control the seizures and put up with the additional inconvenience caused by the additional tremors and stiffness than to have the seizures because every time a seizure occurs it does damage to the brain, which compounds my health problems.

If anybody is in a similar situation I would be happy to hear fro them we may be able to support each other. 


Husband had epilepsy since 18.
Was on phenobarbital/phenetoin.
2010… changed medication to Epilim Chronograph.
2012…Parkinson’s signs.
Now 2018 and gone down hill with Alzheimer’s!
Has been 34 years fit free. Drs won’t take him off the Epilim in case fits start again.
Anyone out there thinking Epilim and Parkinson’s connected I would like to hear from you.


Just started on leviteraceum from epilim specialist agreed to… its a nightmare so far trying to fit these tablets around Parkinson sinemet and memantine and phasing out Epilim! Help!!!


Hello Map 70
I have done some research into the effects of medication for epilepsy and it turns out that the drugs used to control epilepsy can contribute to the cause of Parkinson’s.
Prof Brian.


Thats interesting Brian. I have just been prescribed Clonazepam by my neurologist. I did at my last consultation make a big deal (which it is), about my insomnia, fatigue and muscle rigidity. He made the prescription saying that it should help me sleep and act as a muscle relaxant to help with my stiff neck. At first i thought it was just some sort of mild sleeping tablet but after googling find out its and epileptic drug to control seizures. To early to tell if its having the desired effect but worrying if it could potentially progress my PD.

What a pickle!!