Parkinsons and family members who are under age 5

Does anyone have any insights/ advice to share on the impact of Parkinsons for children aged under 5? My children are very young (age 2.5 and 1 year), and so far I have just been very straightforward with them to explain that Nanny needs a stick to walk and sometimes falls down so she needs help to walk etc.

I find that children are extremely accepting of the situation and keep you young. It encourages my mum to do all the things she still CAN do with my children although it obviously becomes harder as my Mum has Advanced Parkinsons and has had it for 15 years.

I have found that my 2.5 year old daughter is amazingly (and heartbreakingly) astute in the things that she will say:- ‘Pappy was crying because Nanny fell over’ or ‘Let me hold you hand Nanny so that you don’t fall down’.

However, my daughter will often ask my mum (her nanny) to dance with her etc. This happened once and my mum fainted which obviously was frightening for my daughter.

Just wondered if anyone was in a similar situation or had anything to share on their own experiences of this?

Hi HavanaS,

We have lots of information here on how to talk to children about Parkinson’s, including 4 books we’ve put together that you can read through together.

I hope this helps.

Best wishes,

Ilona (Moderation Team).

Hi there I have a great little book called my gran had parkinsons which I read to my 5 year old grand daughter.
It’s a great book my Parkinsons Advisor gave it to me. X x x

Thanks for pointing that out Babswood - I see that the book can be downloaded or ordered on this website. My grandson is only 21 months so doesn’t yet think it odd that sitting on my knee must sometimes be like going on a fairground ride but it will be really useful when he is old enough to understand.

My younger grand daughter who is not yet 2 I find when I’m shaking I put her to sleep.

Babs x

That hasn’t worked for me yet! But then my grandson is a bit of a nightmare at sleeping during the day - though he’s miraculously good overnight. I don’t think my daughter realises how lucky she is!