Parkinsons and Femoral Hernia?

I have posted on here before.  My mum is critically ill in hospital following a bowel removal after a 999 call.  She has had Parkinsons for 12 years, was diagnosed with Severe Osteoporosis in the summer.

I have now had a chance to read my mum's medical notes and from all her symptoms, I believe she has had a Femoral Hernia, which strangulated, causing the perforation to the bowel.

My mum's symptoms were:-

  • Left groin pain, pain shooting down the front of the leg, swollen ankle, pain that felt as though it was coming from the hip joint, visible bump on the skin near the groin

I believe there has been negligence in not diagnosing this before it became a life threatening problem.  I wondered if anyone else out there has had an experience of Femoral Hernia and Parkinsons?  Would like to hear from you.  Thanks for your help.